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Alter Aeon Area - The city of Atlantis

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Recommended Area Level:  37
Creator(s):              meccano brak phtom
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
Northeast      - The Atlantis Academy
East           - The Atlantis Library
North          - The coastal town of Southport
North          - The Verian River and Marsh
Northwest      - Vandar Regional Prison

Related Quests -
Level 37       - Survived and won a battle with Atlantian Elite Royal...
Level 39       - Recovered a missing heirloom for a wealthy Atlantian
Level 40       - Fixed a leak and saved the city
Level 39       - Made a delivery for a worried dock hand
Level 42       - Defeated the weapon masters of Atlantis
Level 40       - Brought chief magistrate Kosokov's killer to justice
Level 40       - Stole a priceless masterpiece
Level 39       - Ambushed an international courier and stole his deli...
Level 39       - Assassinated princess Ariadne
Level 39       - Earned the respect of the Atlantis underworld
Level 39       - Delivered a princess her favourite flower
Level 39       - Procured a worldly wonder from Shil'tara
Level 39       - Discovered a mermaid's name
Level 40       - Recovered a keepsake for Captain Jack

In the Southern Ocean, accessible only by boat or bone dragon, lies a small
island due south of the coastal town of Orton. A short way off shore from
this island is a distortion in the water that, legend has it, is the cause
of so many shipwrecks in the area.  But if you dare to allow yourself to be
taken down into the whirlpool you will find, not death and misery, but the
entrance to a fabulous city, Atlantis. With stunning architecture, golden
statues, a royal palace, a university and the famous library it is truly an
amazing place to visit. The Atlantians are an athletic and highly
intelligent race of people who welcome all those of good intentions to
enjoy their city. However, those of evil disposition or hell bent on
causing mayhem will find themselves at the wrong end of a bronze tipped
dory being wielded by one of the dedicated and fearsome members of the
Atlantian city guard. 

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