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Alter Aeon Area - Q'Seneg, the failed outpost

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Recommended Area Level:  37
Creator(s):              draak shadowfax
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
Southeast      - Barbary Bridge Road
Northeast      - The Sas'kwal Dale
South          - The Fortress of Sutton Vu
Northwest      - A mountain fortress
West           - The Wilderness of Zin

Related Quests -
Level 36       - Rescued a soldier of the Naginag Combine from impris...

The southern slopes of the Ash Mountains have long been favored for their
strategic importance.  Fortresses were erected by various civilizations to
control important checkpoints.  The dwarves have riddled the mountains with
their strongholds.  The old orc fort of Sutton Vu overlooks West Naginag. 
The more modern fortress of Grand Ridge straddles the Jo'Kerin Pass by
Natchsburg. In ancient times, the old empire of Q'thelas had many such
outposts. Today, only the abandoned outpost of Q'Seneg still stands on the
crooked mountain paths that lead between Natchsburg and West Naginag.

Seeking to secure their northern border, the Naginag Combine sent an
expedition of Fourth Legionaires and laborers to restablish the outpost of
Q'Seneg. Success was reported, being only a few scrub orcs and dire rats to
drive out of the fort. Reconstruction began, and went well for several
months. Recently, all contact with the outpost suddenly ceased. No one
knows what happened at Q'Seneg. There are many suspects: the Natchsburg
rebels, the Sel'juk murlocks, Jammu jann, raiding orcs and ogres,
Sarr'toth...the list goes on. The region is still quite dangerous to
travellers, with bandits, trolls and assorted other creatures roaming the

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