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Alter Aeon Area - A remnant of Drakdrol

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Recommended Area Level:  42
Creator(s):              shadowfax kagome
Location:                The Continent of Suboria

Nearby Areas   -
North          - The Inner Sea of Suboria
Northeast      - The Ryuu Graveyard
East           - The Ice Barrier
North          - Suboria, deepling realms
Northwest      - The Ice Wastes

When Drakdrol strayed too close to Alter Aeon, pieces of it sluffed
off and crashed in the planet.  Much of it was recovered after the
Ultimate Protection Program was initialized to freeze Drakdrol's
myriad parts back together, but many chunks that once belonged to the
planetoid remained on Alter Aeon.  One huge chunk landed near the
southern polar ice cap and has been well preserved due to the cold
climate.  The creatures living on Drakdrol have adapted to their new
home as best they can. 

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