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Alter Aeon Area - The Elwood

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Recommended Area Level:  36
Creator(s):              xo draak
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
Southeast      - The Killing Fields of Sallipis
South          - K'tinrooj along the upper K'tinga River
West           - K'tin Lake
North          - The city of Natchsburg
Southwest      - The Fire Towers

Related Quests -
Level 38       - Gave a daughter of Natchsburg a decent burial.
Level 38       - Rescued the golden unicorn, Persius

The Elwood is a deep and mysterious forest between K'tin Lake and
Natchsburg. Powerful fey entities haunt its depths, as well as dangerous

In the past, the locals kept such creatures in check with offerings of food
and treasure. However, since the Sack of Natchsburg, the Elwood has become
more wild and dangerous, as if angered that the easternmost portions have
been sawed down. 

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