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Alter Aeon Area - The Old Mud University in Ralnoth

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Recommended Area Level:  31
Creator(s):              fikh xael
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
Northwest      - Primordial Chaos
Southwest      - L the Magnificent's Magical Topiary Garden
North          - Sewers under Ralnoth
North          - The City of Ralnoth
North          - Underground Chess Tournament

Related Quests -
Level 38       - Completed the quest for the Platemail of Great Beauty

Mud U is a non-traditional mud school, with a great many descriptions to
guide you if you take the time to read them, and a lot of things for you
to do right off the bat.  Like any large university, Mud U has a lot to
offer, but finding what you are looking for can often be difficult.  It is
also very difficult for others to help you, as the University is heavily
protected to keep out invaders and high level players.

Of course, it really is an excellent place to begin if you *really* want
to mud.  It's a large area full of so many secrets that nobody has solved
them all.  The university and farming projects are a great place to hone
your skills.  Once you reach a certain level, you are "encouraged" to
leave the relative safety of its walls.  The smart student would earn, or
buy, some diplomas to keep on their journey, as they could prove

The university is located at the southeastern edge of Ralnoth and is
directly east of old mud school.

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