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Alter Aeon Area - Dark Forest East of Ralnoth

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Recommended Area Level:  30
Creator(s):              dentin
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
East           - Dark Forest East Graveyard
Southwest      - The Ralnoth Fen
North          - Castle Dragnok
East           - The Ash Mountain Foothills
Northwest      - The Ralnoth Guilds Mining Cooperative

Related Quests -
Level 33       - Helped prevent the Black Rot from swallowing Ralnoth.

Many years ago, a well-travelled road led eastward out of Ralnoth, winding
its way through the forest.  This road served as the main route between
Ralnoth and several small villages in the CandleWood valley and along the
base of the Ash mountains.  The road also provided access to the only
nearby pass through the Ash mountains, allowing trade with Hartmur and the
far eastern lands.

In recent years, a darkness has fallen upon the eastern edge of the forest.

Over time, trade from the east has gradually slowed to a stop as more often
than not traders would mysteriously disappear while in the forest.  The few
who have entered the forest and returned alive tell tales of vicious
unnatural creatures that now roam the woods.  Traders from the east have
not been seen in Ralnoth in years, and news from the east is only brought
back by the occasional adventurer.

Every year it seems that the darkness in and around the forest grows. Every
year, the edge of the dark forest creeps forward a little farther, and the
trunks of once healthy trees shrivel and slowly turn black with the
advance. Ralnoth's magic users and clerics have only recently seen this as
a threat and began working to determine the cause. 

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