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Alter Aeon Area - A woodland retreat

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Recommended Area Level:  40
Creator(s):              heart grolantor
Location:                The Continent of Suboria

Nearby Areas   -
East           - The Village of Newtonia
Northwest      - The Shady Vale
North          - The Village of Egmondville
Southwest      - The Kingdom of Darcadia
East           - The City of Finspang

Related Quests -
Level 37       - Met the Giants
Level 36       - Sang with the giants in their mountain home
Level 36       - Helped keep everyone fed at the Drunken Dragon Inn
Level 36       - Lifted the spirits of the barkeep at the Drunken Dra...
Level 38       - Exterminatus pestorus gardenum
Level 37       - With a little help from our elemental friends
Level 37       - Gave peace a chance
Level 37       - Greenthumb in the garden
Level 37       - Made a beer run for the giants
Level 37       - Helped the barman make his signature dish
Level 38       - Mountain blossom

Far west, beyond the City of Finspang and near the foot of the Shii'lok
Mountains the Drunken Dragon Inn has been seeing more attention of late.
Rumors are that some strange loud noises have been coming out of the
mountains, and when they go to investigate the mountains themselves are
moving! Nothing else has happened, but they'd like some seasoned
adventurers to take a look. 

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