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Alter Aeon Area - Thalenwood forest and Trinsic

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Recommended Area Level:  32
Creator(s):              bobcat morpheus
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
East           - The Greenhole
Northeast      - The drow outpost
South          - The Midlands
West           - Forest of Tirgoth
Northeast      - Nakato's Valley

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Level 35       - Recovered a stolen item to help keep the peace among...
Level 39       - Performed a service for the Princess of the Thalenwood

Located west of the southern road and south of thalos, this  forest is lush
with oak trees, and some low-lying bush and moss.  The canopy of leaves block
out most of the sun, therefore it is dark and relatively moist. It is
typically very quiet, except for the drone of birds and the skittering of
squirrels. It is easy to get lost here - take a wrong turn and you may be
face to face with some very annoyed woodland creature. Further into the
forest, if you go the right way, you may see footprints - footprints leading
to a city called Trinsic. 

Trinsic, the Elven City, would be the most noticeable landmark in this
forest, were it not for the Elves' desire to keep a low profile. The city is
located  at the southwestern edge of the forest, and due to its isolation,
some people wonder how it continues to attract the trade and commerce that it

The city is bustling with people, mostly of elven descent, but many an odd
visitor can be found trading thier wares or attempting to gain an audience
with the king. Merchants line the street selling goods and there are many
stores and shops. The merchants also have to share the street with thieves
and drunks, who steal money from all unsuspecting visitors, or anyone who can
be caught unawares.

In the trees above the city itself is a castle.  The castle is quite large
and only a few places are closed to the public, so it is easy to get lost
there.   There is also a legend about a treasure hidden beneath the castle
centuries ago,  but like so many legends there is likely no truth in it.     

When inside the castle, be careful not to offend the dignitaries or the
staff! Many people visit the castle but few ever gain an audience to speak
with the king or queen. Perhaps if you present a strong enough case to the
guards you can get in - a quicker way might be to bring along a sufficiently
proficient thief to sneak into the parts of the castle that are off limits...

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