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Alter Aeon 3000

Alter Aeon Area - Vernal Aeternum, the Wooded Fortress

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Recommended Area Level:  24
Creator(s):              myrel mystique
Location:                The Island of Archais

Nearby Areas   -
East           - Archais Fae Kingdom Trails and Trade Routes
West           - Magnolia Hill
Northwest      - The caverns of Luckleaf
Northwest      - The Ghostlight Bog
Northeast      - The Ashire Orchard and Pasture

Related Quests -
Level 33       - Has been thoroughly manipulated by the fae of Archais.
Level 32       - Met the Fairy Queens.
Level 32       - Emerged as the champion of the grand Melee.
Level 33       - Assassinated Lady Kindri, ending her bid to take ove...

In the heart of the mysterious Fae realm on the island of Archais lies a
forest, one that towers above the other woodlands of the area. Even the
upper slopes of the mountains can be seen from high in the trees, where the
natural density of the greenery has been converted into a fortress. The
magical strength required to accomplish such a thing suggests that whatever
variety of Fae lives there, they are magically powerful and probably hold a
lot of influence and power. 

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