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Alter Aeon Area - The Forest of Brom

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Recommended Area Level:  23
Creator(s):              myrel corallon mystique
Location:                The Island of Archais

Nearby Areas   -
Southwest      - Winzigklein the city of the cliff gnomes
South          - Battlefield of Caer Manydd
West           - Vernal Aeternum, the Wooded Fortress
North          - Terawood, the Ancestral Lands
Northwest      - The Ashire Orchard and Pasture

Related Quests -
Level 26       - Captured some sunlight for Custos.
Level 26       - Returned Custos' missing key.
Level 26       - Did a little dirty work for a "good" cause.
Level 26       - Became a friend of the forest by curing a sick unicorn.


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