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Alter Aeon Area - The Trogdolyte City

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Recommended Area Level:  28
Creator(s):              dragonsinger dentin
Location:                The Island of Archais

Nearby Areas   -
Southwest      - Dark Forest of Archais
Northeast      - Archais Troll Caves
Southwest      - Spider Caves
Southwest      - Tyranid caves
East           - The Village of Cranston Hills

Add one part recluse, one part unfriendly attitude, one part sturdiness,
and one part plain ugliness and you'll have a trogdolyte.  Situated between
two equally unfriendly races, the trolls and the forest spiders, the trogs
pretty much keep to themselves.  Their entire subterranean city covers a
large portion of the dark forest east underground. Farmers... fighters...
both in one, the trogs cultivate some of the best mushrooms known to the
Alter Aeon realm.

Though unconfirmed, these very same unfriendly trogs are the keepers of a
creature of evil.  Rumors are that they keep a diligent vigilance over the
creature at all time.  But this very rumor might have been concocted to
keep people from bothering their community... 

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