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Alter Aeon Area - Jo'Kerin - Lake of Blood

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Recommended Area Level:  36
Creator(s):              heart grolantor
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
Northwest      - Jo'Kerin Coliseum Arena
North          - Shadow Assassin Guildhall
Northwest      - Jo'Kerin Coliseum Stands
Northwest      - Jo'Kerin, the Cursed City
Northwest      - The Jo'Kerin bazaar

Related Quests -
Level 44       - Set free the spirit of the lake
Level 44       - Discovered many spell components on Blood Lake
Level 43       - Helped the goblin salesperson
Level 45       - Helped create a bowl of Blood Lake gumbo

They say the lake of Jo'Kerin was once water, some of the undead remember
it from earlier times. It has long since been overtaken by a conjured
stream of blood that erupts from the ground northward and slowly flows down
to fill it. In the middle-east of the city, overshadowed by the coliseum
and tower it hides itself further with a thick enchanted mist. Very little
can be seen of the mysterious district. 

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