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Alter Aeon Area - Catacombs below Naphtali

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Recommended Area Level:  17
Creator(s):              wyvren
Location:                The Island of Kordan

Nearby Areas   -
South          - The town of Naphtali
Southeast      - The Naphtali tower of Learning 
Northwest      - Forest west of Naphtali
Northwest      - The Caves of Mendelius
Southwest      - Maze of the black minotaur

Beneath the Village of Naphtali lies the eldest of all catacombs. Evil
beings both living and undead prowl its convoluted tunnels.  An infamous
tomb is said to be hidden within the many twists and turns of the catacombs.
For the would-be graverobber beware that these caverns do not become your
permanent resting place as it has become for so many... even to this day.

Deep within the catacombs are a series of caverns said to be the hiding
place of a reclusive sect of druids.  Away from the world of the living,
they expand their knowledge and practice their arts deep within the earth.
Do not seek out these caverns for the druids value their isolation and has
beset a wonderously brilliant beast to guard their privacy. 

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