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Alter Aeon Areas - Newly Opened

New areas and zone expansions are added to Alter Aeon on a regular
basis. This is a list of the most recently updated and added areas
on the game.

For a list of the most recent server code updates, click here.

The Island of Sloe

The island of Sloe lies west of the island of Kordan, and is
home to many newbie and low level areas.  This is a safe haven
for lower levels, and most new players begin the game here.

Lvl  Date         Name                                     Creators
 10  May 12 2023  Grotto Oxidado                           shadowfax draak
 10  May 12 2023  The Ruins of Venezia                     shadowfax
  9  May 12 2023  Pilar's Hideaway                         shadowfax
 10  May 12 2023  Vault of the Fallen Star                 shadowfax
  8  May 12 2023  Fort Marguera                            shadowfax
  7  Aug 18 2021  La Costa Ventosa                         draak

The Island of Kordan

The island of Kordan lies west of the island of Archais, and is
suitable for low to mid level players between levels 10 and 20.
This is also a safe haven, and most new players who leave Sloe
go next to Kordan to continue their adventures.

Lvl  Date         Name                                     Creators
 14  Jan 28 2021  The Cerulean Shore                       capitolina draak

The Mainland of Atmir

The mainland continent of Alter Aeon, known as Atmir, is the most explored and
best understood region on the world.  There exist a great many diverse lands,
but the majority of them are higher level and may
not be safe for lower level players.

Lvl  Date         Name                                     Creators
 30  Jan 28 2024  The Ralnoth Guilds Mining Cooperative    seren nidari
 38  Jun 26 2023  The Donnerbucht, the Bay of Thunder      draak capitolina
 50  Jan 29 2023  Primordial Chaos                         draak
 33  Jul 15 2022  The City of Dreahul                      jezrien octopus
 35  Nov 20 2021  Khal-Toresh, the Dwarf Village           firebird morpheus...

The Continent of Suboria

The continent of Suboria lies south of the mainland and can only be reached
by ship. It is believed to be a great archipelago, with its southern portions joined
together by vast sheets of ice. The eastern half of Suboria is rumored to hold the Yuki
Province, the seat of the fabled Dragon Emperor. Western Suboria is home to various
large human cities as well settlements of drow, gnolls and giants. The boldest explorers
travel south across the eastern Ice Lands to find frozen mountains stalked by
predators and undead.

Lvl  Date         Name                                     Creators
 40  Jul  4 2024  The Cauldron, west Suboria               draak
 40  Mar 19 2024  The Salt Pan, western Suboria            draak
 40  Mar 15 2024  The Valmor mine                          valront morpheus
 42  Mar 26 2023  Palace of the Dragon Emperor, Garden and Keep draak shadowfax
 41  Feb 25 2021  Palace of the Dragon Emperor, Imperial Archives arislan cygnii draak

The Continent of Gianasi

This massive island is located in the western portion of the Southern
Ocean. It is ringed by rugged cliffs, and there are few safe place
to make landfall. Many a sailor has told stories of the giant monsters
inhabiting the interior, but they may just be tall tales.
There are numerous smaller island around it, some with small settlements.

Lvl  Date         Name                                     Creators
 43  May 25 2022  Jahmeir's golems                         meccano jahmeir m...

Magical Realms

These alternate areas are known to be within the bounds of magic
and conventional rules of reality, but their precise location is
not known.  These areas may or may not be safe.

Lvl  Date         Name                                     Creators
 34  Jul 15 2022  The everlit depths of Thuoduhr           jezrien octopus

The Demon Realms

In the furtherest reaches of the universe are dark, chaotic worlds
inhabited by highly magical beings known as demons.Their societies
range from highly organized kingdoms overseen by god-like Archdemons to
primitive beast-like packs ruled by the strongest and most savage. More
peaceable demons often commune with mortals, though this intercourse is
bound by strictly worded Accords set in place by the gods.

Lvl  Date         Name                                     Creators
 45  Jan 28 2024  The Realm of Hades, Pits of Tartarus     draak capitolina
 44  May 19 2021  Twisted Jungle of Foreboding             morpheus jahmeir

The Realms of Light

At the cosmic apex are the planes of light. These include the home
worlds of angels, as well as nearby realms they have colonized.
These realms are usually hospitable to mortal life, but woe betide
those that offend the sensibilities of their inhabitants. These realms
are highly magical, as are the creatures live there.

Lvl  Date         Name                                     Creators
 45  Jan 30 2021  The Field of Fonts, Purnima              draak
 45  Jan 30 2021  The City of Fonts, Purnima               draak

Outer Planar Realms

Whether on different planes of existence or simply exceedingly far away,
these 'outer planar regions' are accessible from various locations
on the world and may or may not be safe for mortals. Many of these
planes are home to elementals - alien creatures composed primarily of
a single substance.

Lvl  Date         Name                                     Creators
 45  Nov  1 2023  The Realm of Hades, Asphodel Meadow      glorida draak cap...
 28  Aug 14 2020  Dentin's Workshop Level 4: Banquet Table kagome


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