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Alter Aeon Areas - Complete List

This list of areas is provided by the Aozumi branch of the Ralnoth
Cartographers Guild.  Detailed maps of some of the more explored
areas are available from any Guild branch office, for a small
donation used only to help fund expeditions into the unknown.

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The Island of Sloe

The island of Sloe lies west of the island of Kordan, and is
home to many newbie and low level areas.  This is a safe haven
for lower levels, and most new players begin the game here.

 Level  Description                                      Creators
[    1] The Refugee Camp                                 dentin draak
[    2] The Grassy Field                                 dentin
[    3] The Stony Field                                  dentin morpheus
[    4] The cave system near Pellam                      dentin
[    5] The Cemetery near Pellam                         dentin draak
[    6] Pellam Cemetery Crypts                           dentin draak
[    7] La Costa Ventosa                                 draak
[    7] The Kobold camp                                  dentin inessa
[    8] Town of Pellam                                   dentin draak shift
[    8] The False Temple                                 morpheus dentin
[    8] Fort Marguera                                    shadowfax
[    9] The Greenwood                                    draak
[    9] The Vemarken Hidden Gardens                      aleph
[    9] Pilar's Hideaway                                 shadowfax
[   10] The Gorro's Nose, north-central Sloe             draak
[   10] Gocholandia, Central Sloe                        draak
[   10] Town of Vemarken                                 dentin draak morpheus
[   10] The Vemarken tower of Learning                   morpheus jahmeir
[   10] The Ruins of Venezia                             shadowfax
[   10] Vault of the Fallen Star                         shadowfax
[   10] Grotto Oxidado                                   shadowfax draak
[   11] The farming community of Hildabrad               reorx shrew
[   11] The Polliwog Swamp                               astarte
[   11] Village of Bandera Azul                          shadowfax
[   11] The Blue Marshes                                 draak
[   11] Village of Stillwater                            draak shadowfax

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