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Alter Aeon Areas - Complete List

This list of areas is provided by the Aozumi branch of the Ralnoth
Cartographers Guild.  Detailed maps of some of the more explored
areas are available from any Guild branch office, for a small
donation used only to help fund expeditions into the unknown.

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The Continent of Suboria

The continent of Suboria lies south of the mainland and can only be reached
by ship. It is believed to be a great archipelago, with its southern portions joined
together by vast sheets of ice. The eastern half of Suboria is rumored to hold the Yuki
Province, the seat of the fabled Dragon Emperor. Western Suboria is home to various
large human cities as well settlements of drow, gnolls and giants. The boldest explorers
travel south across the eastern Ice Lands to find frozen mountains stalked by
predators and undead.

 Level  Description                                      Creators
[   40] The Aggerazzi Swamp                              dancer valront
[   40] Jungle and swamp                                 dancer
[   40] The City of Elborat                              morpheus inessa taran
[   40] Ilfing Road                                      morpheus taran
[   40] The Tombs of the Forgotten                       morpheus boreas emiko 
[   40] The Salt Pan, western Suboria                    draak
[   40] The Village of Newtonia                          shadowfax cygnii
[   40] The Village of Egmondville                       shadowfax shrew
[   40] The Torsius Wasteland                            ruin valront
[   40] The Shii'lok Mountain peaks                      ruin valront
[   40] Frost giant stronghold                           ruin valront
[   40] Kora'tur                                         doa valront
[   40] Tashadar, city of the drow                       doa valront kuranes
[   40] Swamp Dwarves                                    taran
[   40] The city of Dorna                                tanthas
[   40] The Kingdom of Darcadia                          morpheus
[   40] Land of Arcadia                                  morpheus
[   40] The Shady Vale                                   morpheus
[   40] Bonechewer Gnoll Camp                            valront corallon
[   40] Road along the River Ilfing                      morpheus taran
[   40] The City of Finspang                             taran morpheus
[   40] The Valmor mine                                  valront morpheus
[   40] The City of Kings                                morpheus dentin
[   40] The Disused Fane                                 dentin morpheus inessa taran
[   40] Headhunter Island                                morpheus inessa ralithune
[   40] A woodland retreat                               heart grolantor
[   40] The Shii'lok Mountain Ice Fortress               dentin morpheus inessa
[   40] Pygmy island                                     brak
[   40] The City of Shill'tara                           brak meccano
[   41] The Hill Giant Kingdom                           fikh brak
[   41] The Firbolg Forest                               fikh brak
[   41] Palace of the Dragon Emperor, Imperial Archives  arislan cygnii draak
[   41] The Dragon's Dish                                draak
[   41] Suboria, deepling realms                         draak
[   41] The Coral Castle                                 draak
[   41] The Ryuu Rookery and Mines                       draak
[   41] The Tomb of Shenlong                             draak capitolina
[   41] Ishi Province                                    draak
[   41] The Isle of Riaza                                draak
[   41] The Ryuu Graveyard                               draak
[   41] Palace of the Dragon Emperor, Public Halls       draak
[   41] The Ice Wastes                                   draak
[   41] The Dragon's Path                                draak
[   41] Yuki Province                                    draak
[   42] Palace of the Dragon Emperor, Garden and Keep    draak shadowfax
[   42] The Ice Barrier                                  draak
[   42] The Ice Lands                                    draak
[   42] The Shiroi Sora Monastery                        draak
[   42] The Misuto-Shima Ruins                           draak capitolina
[   42] The Misuto-Shima Province                        draak
[   42] The Ayakashi Archipelago                         draak
[   42] The Inner Sea of Suboria                         draak
[   42] A remnant of Drakdrol                            shadowfax kagome

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