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Date:    2021 Apr  4 20:40
To:      all
From:    juggernaut
Subject: randoms  going where they should not
Is anyone else having random items be picked up and put into a container
even though it is set to not do so?
Well I get it every now and then happening to me.
I have it set for random items to only be picked up solo and to do nothing with it.
yet oevery now and then it wants to put the random into my container.
for instance, recently I had the following:
You don't see that here.
Objects on the ground:
A pile of gold coins.
A tiny dust devil swirls up the dust here.
A puddle of sticky goo lies on the ground.
You get 318 gold coins.
You set 31 gold aside for your clan.
You sense something different about a west wind dagger...
You get 2 items: a west wind dagger, ectoplasm
You put a west wind dagger in an unassuming red bag.
I cannot find any trigger that would get a random and put it in my bag.
so if anyone else is experiencing this please let the devs kno so they can try to
track this tricky little bug down. thanks.

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