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Date:    2016 Aug  2 08:20
From:    dentin
Subject: Wily and Wyrm, multiplaying
After the opening of rack 7060, brak's city of Shill'tara, the gods noticed
an excessive number of forced instance restarts for the new area.  Normally
these are ignored as they are fairly infrequent.  These were not

Looking through the logs, the instance restarts were being caused by the
player Wyrm, who was logging in unlinked characters, summoning them to the
instance entry point, and using the unlinked character to reset the
instance for Wyrm.

I then decided to search for this same pattern in the logs for the last
month.  There were quite a few more instances for Wyrm, but also a large
number for the player Wily.  While a few other players had a small number
of instance restarts, it appears that they rarely if ever resort to
multiplaying to do so.

I've decided to freeze both Wily and Wyrm for a week.  While this is a
fairly long time for a relatively victimless crime, I think it's justified
by the two of them constantly riding the fence between legal and illegal
activity.  In this case they were clearly over, and they both knew better.

A week also gives me time to change the instancing system to flat out
restrict allowing players to re-open new instances.

Just because something isn't immediately prosecuted, doesn't mean it's not
illegal.  Much like speeding now and then won't generally  get you a
ticket, if you insist on going a hundred miles an hour all the time,
eventually you're going to get caught.

I'm pretty serious about the multiplaying thing.  Find a different way.

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