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Date:    2017 Nov 28 15:04
From:    dentin
Subject: Vixy password stealing
The player Vixy acquired the password for another character without
that character's permission, and has repeatedly forced that player
to resign from their clan.

Evidence Summary
Server logs show logins in quick succession from the same IP address
and client, including a multiplaying detection.

Prior to this event, the rules on character sharing were ill defined.
The applicable rules were:

4.4  - Thou shalt not steal passwords or run scams

This covers the aspect of Vixy guessing or acquiring the password
without the target's knowledge or approval.

7.11 - Thou shalt not in general grief other players

Based on my investigation, I consider this rule to apply.  There is
sufficient evidence for me to believe that Vixy's action was malicious
and intended purely to piss off and screw with other players.

Additionally, a new rule 4.3 has been added to more explicitly cover
this type of situation in the future.

Vixy's account has been frozen for three weeks.  The purpose of this
freeze is to get Vixy's attention and let her know this sort of thing
is not okay.  Should this happen again, it is recommended that she be
given an 'asshole' flag to limit her interaction with other players.

Vixy has been involved in a number of incidents like this in the past.
Because of this, she has permanent logfiles on her characters.  Those
logs, while not necessary, did make the case somewhat more ironclad
than it might otherwise have been.

It is likely Vixy will do something similar to this again in the future.
Players are advised to be wary and limit her access to their personal
information and social circles.  We can't stop you, but hey, it's your

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