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Date:    2017 Sep  1 22:33
From:    dentin
Subject: Clifford, Storm, and Kensei - being jerks
Clifford, Storm, and Kensei were being asshats and spamming the word
'anus' repeatedly on a new player's channel, basically because they
thought it was funny.

Replayed channel log on Dentin, review of per-player logfiles.

Specific rules used in this determination:

4.3  - Thou shalt follow the rules of private and public channels
6.11 - Thou shalt not in general grief other players

While normally I would just ignore something like this, all of
these players know better, and all have been repeatedly warned in
the past.  Since they largely seem to log in for social reasons,
it seems the most appropriate penalty is to give them spam flags.

I grow tired of jerks, and see little reason to allow them to
continue to play.  As I grow older and more jaded, I will likely
become even less tolerant of jerk behaviour.


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