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Date:    2017 Nov  9 15:35
From:    dentin
Subject: Teros - game ban
The player Teros, and all his multis, have been banned from the game for a
minimum time period of three years.  During this time period, he is
persona-non-grata:  he has not been given permission to play, and if he is
discovered playing anyway, his characters and secondary accounts will be
summarily deleted.

Further, similar to the game ban of the player Tyrant, other players who
knowingly interact with him should he log in will also be subject to
penalties.  If you wish to contact Teros, you are expected to do it


Teros has repeatedly broken the rules over the years, most recently by
blatantly running a group bot, which caused him to lose his builder.  He
was also partially or fully responsible for the incidents in case law posts
11, 12, 14, and 18.  More recently, he's been actively recruiting for other

Above this, he's been consistently and constantly negative, and appears to
be a major source of social toxicity on the game.  He rarely plays, instead
choosing to generate drama on private and public channels.

Given these things, I believe it's in the best interest of AA for him to
leave and play somewhere else.  I sincerely hope he finds a place where he
fits in better and can be a positive force instead of a negative one.


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