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Date:    2015 Nov  7 14:58
From:    dentin
Subject: Laeg - being a dick, and more
Laeg has been thwacked for harassment, holding a corpse for ransom, going
around ignore, and in general being a jerk without feeling remorse.

Currently understood facts of the case
Laeg is fully logged.  Fact disputes can be verified against logfiles.

This case originally came to me in the form of "Laeg is stalking me
and took my corpse so I couldn't be resurrected".  Further, while in
possession of the corpse, he attempted to get the victim to unignore
him, saying he'd return the corpse if the victim did so.  Eventually
the corpse rotted in Laeg's inventory.

Final sentence is a full account lockdown for two weeks, plus mandatory
spam flagging of his primary characters to isolate him from the community.

The spam flagging is a nonstandard response, but it seems appropriate.
Laeg has a long history of antisocial and harassing behaviour, and he
doesn't really seem to care that his account is locked or if his
characters get frozen.  If that's not enough to change his behaviour,
there's not really a lot else that I as an admin can do.  As a result,
it seems that the best thing to do is to isolate him from the people he
might negatively affect. The only other option is account deletion and
full server ban.

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