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Date:    2017 Oct  8 08:06
To:      all
From:    oiox
Subject: surviving a level38area as a druid
welcome, all of thee! Here are some tips for surviving thy level38areas. If thy liveoak
hath 1hp, take thy suncatcher and cast that spell you know, which is thy liveoak
spell. Cast then both, 2 of them to be coming out of the ground, and control thy
liveoaks to tank. If all of thee are almost dead, hath no health, and the liveoaks
hath no health, flee whilest you still can, for you will all die if you don't heed
heed my worning. For necromancers, if thyn vampire is dead, or if thyn vampire doesn't
, well, you're scrued. Mages all of the elementals, are, well, if they are dead,
well, uh, can't help you their, but try the best you can, and use your fire spells
and all. Warriors and th, nah I don't know. Clerics. Make sure you healeth, in thy
group, or in any type of group. goodbye, and happy Halloween all of thee!

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