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Date:    2015 Oct  4 21:20
To:      all
From:    bleep
Subject: ship upgrades and pvp ocean battles
I believe we should have pvp ocean battles.
This will require ship upgrades.
I'm thinking cargo holds, cannons, pirates or soldgers, weapons for crew, and much
Once upgraded players can sail the seas searching for opponents.
Using the consider command they can see the level of the opponent's ship and decide
weather or not to launch an attack.
cast ice fog
Once the oposing ship is weakened said player may board the ship.
This starts a pk arena style battle between players and their crews.
Once a player is beaten the winner gains exp for the ship.
Exp is used to pay for upgrades to the ships.
Also gold may be used to upgrade ships if player has no experience.
This is my idea and hope other's like it

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