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Date:    2014 Nov  4 12:50
From:    ijin
Subject: An idea for a quest.
Hello all! I got an idea of a quest to be implemented on the island next to Naphtali
where we must go to get the berries for the Earl's meal.
When we finish the compas quest and follow the instructions of the old map, we can
find a papper to give it to Russel.
I was thinking about a last quest after this one. Instead of telling something like
"Go, perhaps someday we're going to be rescued.",
the villagers can ask help to build a ship or some kind of boat. The conclusion would
be: "We have almost everthing we need in this island, but thanks to you now we have
a way to leave this place if needed."
Well, that's it. Looking forward to opinions regarding the quest.
Best regards, Ijin.

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