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Date:    2017 Nov 21 07:35
From:    mathayas
Subject: re: level cap
What is the advantage of this? Without bothering to make this change, the sheer amount
of exp for a level is already a level cap. From my corner this doesn't see like it
benefits anybody or serves any purpose that's useful to either you dentin or the
playerbase. If the advantage here is that people actually have a chance to reach
max level and go woo look at meee! that is a reason, but not one that sees worth
the bother of putting such a cap.

What's the end goal anyway, it was about keeping people from being hex 37 right?
That's already impossible so, this helps how? Perhaps there's a future plan to change
the exp cost per high level to put things more in reach, yet still a desire to keep
people from managing to be hex 37, so the cap on the last two classes.

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