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Date:    2022 Dec 21 16:23
To:      all
From:    kenta
Subject: disgusting behavior.
So I'm noticing a disgusting behaviour from the so called "higher level
players", who supposedly "know the game better than supposedly the rest of
us do" when a player attempts to join a group they're flat out rejected
with a de facto reasoning of "too low level and leave the discussion
strictly at that point, the player is not given any chance what so ever to
inquire and or figure out exactly where they are going as the leaders of
the "higher level groups" or supposed higher level groups intentionally wi
thhold information to allow the player behind the key's to choose for
themselves whether or not the risk is worth joining, this behaviour is
toxic it is   against the best interest of the game, and most importantly
it takes away player choice which is something I know that Dentin holds
most dear because if he did not, we would not have as many classes as we do

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