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Date:    2023 Jan 29 14:21
To:      all
From:    gwendolyn
Subject: poison resistance
We got few skills in the game that require you to complete a quest in order
to learn them. One of them is the poison resistance skill, that requires
you to collect a cupple of different items and bring them to a guy
In order to advance the quest, you bring him 3 items and receive a potion
(vnum 42668) which you have to use 'use potion' . However, this potion has
a thief flag on it, which means you have to be a level 25 thief to be able
to use it.
Today it is impossible to reach level 25 in your 6th class, and only a
small percentage of players manage to reach lv25 in their 5th class.
I might be wrong, but I believe this is the only quest so far which is
strictly tied to a certain level in a certain class. (We have some
wardbreaking quests, but with the right set and equipment wardbreaker can
be casted by low-lv clerics, plus we have a necromantic option as well.) So
from the data I have, I would assume that feats and deeds are meant to be
technically completeable by all players, no matter what class build they
Because of this, I would love if the thief flag could be removed from the
potion and existing copies to be updated (e.g. via a trade specp at the mob
so we can turn in old ones for new ones). This would allow everyone to
technically complete the quest.

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