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Date:    2021 May 28 20:31
From:    dex
Subject: Sorry, you're no longer considered a newbie, and can no longer speak on this channel.
Nova tells you, 'this the original dex?'
You reply to Nova, 'yeah'
Nova tells you, 'from like 2014?'
You reply to Nova, 'heh dang im that old eh?'
Nova replies to you, 'heh yep'
Nova tells you, 'first player I ever met on here when I was still a baby newb barely
an hour in gameplay heh'
You reply to Nova, 'yeah i got yelled at for that'
You reply to Nova, 'but i figured it was helping more than harming'
You reply to Nova, 'let me guess, i gave you some pants to wear'
Nova tells you, 'yelled at? Why, you didn't do anything except say hi and answer
silly newb questions from a first time mudder'
You reply to Nova, 'i know, but im much to high level to be in that area'
You reply to Nova, 'dentin was like BRUH wat u doin'
Nova tells you, 'I wasn't just new to alter, I was new to mudding in general. LOL
didn't know wtf I was doing. I was the one trying to talk to Whelam like he a pc'
You reply to Nova, 'yeah lol, my ground string is dex is here, beating a dead horse'
You reply to Nova, 'newbies think im an NPC and try to strike up a conversation with
You reply to Nova, 'and im like bring me a imp corpse for some gold or something
Nova tells you, 'I thought you were too when I walked in'
You reply to Nova, 'its half the fun'
You reply to Nova, 'i just buff them and heal em and give em gold or whatever, tell
em to buy some eq'
You reply to Nova, 'answer questions, etc'
You reply to Nova, 'i guess thats what the newbie channel is for, but i dunno if
im allowed on that channel either lmaooo'
Nova tells you, 'well I'm glad you were there. I'd probably have figured something
out eventually, like maybe a few hours later. But still. It made my first day here
You reply to Nova, 'funny you remember me, forgive me if i dont remember you, i helped
a lot of people'
You reply to Nova, 'tell it to dentin lol'
Nova tells you, 'if it ever comes up I'd defenitely mention it :D'
You reply to Nova, 'it wont heh, i got a stern talkin to heh'
Nova tells you, 'that's a shame. I think there should be a group of newbie helpers
on here and I don't just mean on the newbie channel. Helps make new players feel
more welcome. '
You reply to Nova, 'i agree. newbie channel isnt as fun as someone handing you some
level 5 dagger and giving u a sanc and sayin LETTER RIP!'
You reply to Nova, 'the mud was a dark and scary place when i started in like, 98?
Nova replies to you, 'wo'
You reply to Nova, 'your corpse kept all your eq'
Nova replies to you, 'I still remember when it kept gold'
You reply to Nova, 'yeah dex is like my 3rd char'
You reply to Nova, 'shwarts is my 2nd'
You reply to Nova, 'was level 31 cleric when it was just 4 classes and 31 was max
You reply to Nova, 'good times'
You reply to Nova, 'anyway, added you to friends list'
You reply to Nova, 'hit me up sometime if u need a hand'
Nova replies to you, ':) Same, and thanks'

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