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Date:    2022 Jul 14 08:43
From:    shadowfax
Subject: Starving Rock roundup
While the Starving Rock event area was supposed to be group area for the
duration of the summer, it did not allow players to share quests as
intended.  Therefore, Xena has been deployed upstairs to award additional
quests/prizes.  There is a participation award for everyone who killed at
least one mob, and prizes for those who completed the 1000, 1500 and 2000
kill quests.

Also, there is a special legacy quest for anyone who completed all three
Mayday events.

157 players killed 100 monsters on Starving Rock.
68 killed 500 monsters.
42 killed 1000 monsters.
32 killed 1500 monsters.
28 killed 2000 monsters.

The Naginag Arena Grand Champion was defeated 197 times.

Once the Naginag Arena is reconnected, I'll post here.  I'll also post
winners for the arena contest once I have the relevant data.

TL/DR Just talk to Xena until she quits giving you stuff.

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