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Prev Msg   - 2021 Jul 10 20:11 (ivey) re: gold hoarding
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Date:    2021 Jul 10 20:31
To:      all lexie
From:    ivey
Subject: gold hoarding
You are obviously unfamiliar with the current state of the mud.
You write: "gold offset is not so low or so bad that it's impossible to get gold
if you're diligant about it and know places to go and ways to do it."
I'm not sure how much gold you're trying to run, but it's probably not very much,
because if you were trying to enchant something you would quickly realize that the
amount of work you need to do to get the needed gold is unsustainable.
Trust me, I'm also a level 39 thief and I steal gold. If I'm lucky I can make 1000
gold per hour for an hour before I run out of good targets.
Then I have to wait a week or more for the gold on those mobs to refresh, hoping
that someone else hasn't stolen all of it in that time, or find different mobs to
steal from.
There actually are only about two dozen groups of mobs that have viable amounts of
gold. There are a lot more thieves on the game than rich mobs.
So you can see how this is also not very sustainable, when you are looking at hundreds
of thousands or even millions of gold to enchant a single piece.
You say: "Wihout those enchants, there's no tanks for those high level areas you
people keep bitching about.  Wihtout gold there's no player shops to help sell you
scribed scrolls etc."
I ... don't actually know why you wrote this. I understand that these things cost
gold, and people are stimulating the economy by spending gold. I'm not writing about
those people. There are people who aren't spending their gold on those thihngs you
wrote about.
You write: "I funciton quite well on the game and my usual balance is 0 gold and
0 in the bank.  If I want to do something, I go steal gold, kill mobs with gold,
complete quests until I have the gold I need."
This is more evidence you are out of touch with endgame content. Killing mobs with
gold is completely chance based: some mobs have hundreds and some have none, but
it's totally random.
Quest gold and mob gold are both a direct function of the offset, which has actually
been driven way lower  in the last few years as endgame content has increased in
difficulty and players have enchanted their eq in response.
Quest gold is extremely paltry, even a super difficult quest only nets 4-5k gold
maximum. Explorer points and jobs give almost nothing.
You write: "I have no idea how the offset relates to
the money supply, nor how much money supply is a target."
Maybe you shouldn't try to discuss it if you don't know?

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