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Date:    2017 Jul 13 22:22
To:      dentin all
From:    lokar
Subject: Druid group interaction issues
I'm not sure if I've covered all of the druid group interaction issues, but
you asked for a short list, so this is a start.  Druids in their current
form cause issues in groups for multiple reasons.  They flat out just dont
play well with thieves at all, cause problems for necromancers, and even
cause problems for other druids.

Their sunlight based spells dispel cloak of darkness and darken,  which is
fine and great, except when it dispels group members darkens and cloak of
darkness. They also disable shadow binding, again great until it disables
your group members shadow binding on a fleeing mob.

They create overcast weather in order to call lightning, but shadow strike
and shadow bind both can't be used in overcast weather. 

They like to AoE with spells like Tempest and blizzard, but these spells
kill the demons from an allied necromancers bloodmist. In the same issue it
also kills entangling roots (including other druids entangling roots).

I have a couple of suggestions for ways to fix the issues. I'm going to
start with bloodmist and entangling roots because I believe (possibly
incorrectly) that they are the easiest fix.

Make the demons and the roots pseudo-minions like balls of light from
continual light. They have a 0 cp cost and avoid damage from friendly AoE
spells but still take damage from enemy AoE spells and attacks. 

For the thief issues I have a couple of thoughts. 

1) Adjust call lightning so it can be used with 'cloudy' but not overcast

2) Allow shadow skills to be used in overcast weather.

3) A new thief skill conjure/manipulate shadows (if you have a better name
I'm down) give it a moderate shadow cost, allow it to be used on a creature
to force it to have a shadow for the sake of shadow strike and shadow bind.

4) Or some combination of the above. A new skill would be neat even if you
do decide to let shadow skills work in overcast cause there are other
situations it could be useful for. 

Another issue that isn't really THAT important as people just don't ever
use the spell anyways, but that you may want to address for that very
reason is Sandstorm. This spell is pretty much entirely useless because it
blinds everyone in the group in addition to the mob. It's actually a great
way to kill everyone in your group in a high level area as your healers
suddenly wont be able to heal at all.

I'm not sure if I've covered all of the druid group interaction issues, but
you asked for a short list, so this is a start.

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