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Date:    2017 Oct 31 04:48
To:      all
From:    demon
Subject: high level/good for the mud stuff
I think it would be nice if we have daily goals, and those daily goals
could contribute to something we're lacking pretty hard in: Clan stuff
Maybe if a player runs 100 million xp in one day (daily goals can change, obviously)
then they have their choice of getting XXXX gold into their clan dues, 
or they can add points to the point bank in their clan, and when the point bank
has filled, the clan can spend those points on a bonus (like the clan arena bonuses)
This would not only motivate people to xp, but would motivate people to run xp as
a clan,
help clans survive easier, and make people want to group (which helps all of the
new group areas)
I honestly truly believe this would be a good move for the mud, and would
stimulate group based playing, and more camaraderie.
This isn't necessarily high level shit, but maybe the daily goal is HIGH so it ends
up being high leveled

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