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Date:    2016 Jun 27 18:23
From:    shadowfax
Subject: The Summer Solstice Celebration - Credits and Appendices
Like with other years, the Summer Solstice Celebration could have come
together as smoothly as it did without the help of my fellow immortals.  I
want to thank Draak for building Sutton Vu, Morpheus for editing and
streamlining the Puzzlewood quests, Dentin for debugging the new code and
control dprocs for Drakdrol, and Aziz and Kagome for playtesting the
Drakdrol area.

I hope you enjoyed the different styles of play that the event areas had to
offer.  The Puzzlewood events this year were supposed to be more of a
marathon and less of a bloodbath than last time.  Drakdrol was intended for
a style of play that we don't often encounter in Alter Aeon: point defense.

The Sutton Vu and Drakdrol areas will be closed for a brief time so that
they can be re-tooled for normal gameplay.  The Western Mengaw Forest will
remain open as-is.  You may have encountered Sebastian and even saved him! 
His real quest starts in the city of Naginag with Lieutenant Unalak.

If you are dissatisfied with any of the magic necklaces you received during
the Puzzlewood events, you can trade them to Xena in the event room (Room
1392), located south and west of the Bulletin Board Central Hub (and just
west of this board).  You can do this exactly once for each one, and she
will be available until the end of the month.  If you did not complete the
main event with Drakdrol, you can turn your ferula into Blanagan for a
participation prize.

The Celebration ends with bang!  Today marks the grand re-opening of a new
and improved Airam, so you can go play there now that the event areas are
closed!  Happy mudding!

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