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Date:    2017 Oct 22 06:18
From:    rhorae
Subject: High level proposal, re: Lokar
One thing that could add interest to high levels is an advanced skill/spell
learning system. This would basically take the form of re-enabling the
ability to learn things beyond your levels with cast/skill level eq, but at
an increased practice cost, dependent on the number of actual levels below
the thing you want to learn.

As an example, I am currently 28 mage. Let's say I want to learn chain
lightning, a level 31 mage spell, under this proposed system. Chain usually
costs 4 practices, but say we have it cost an additional 2 practices per
missing level. I am 3 mage levels below 31, so assuming I want to learn it
fully it would cost me 10 practices, say 8% per prac. If the code can't
handle that, then it could just reduce how much I get per practice by a
flat rate per missing level instead, let's say 4%. Chain is normally
learned 21% per prac, but my penalty would be 4 * 3 = 12%, so I would get
9% per practice, resulting in 9 pracs getting me to 81%.

Given that this is mainly meant for high levels, I would have this be
unavailable until a character reaches 37 in at least one class, or 120
equipment total levels, or whatever minimum requirement is judged to be
adequate. Justification could be that one needs a healthy amount of life
experience to be able to handle learning skills above their levels.
Learning something this way would require -force, and without -force it
would inform the player of how much they would gain per practice and tell
them to use -force if they want to go through with it. There should
probably be a minimum amount that can be gained per practice, say 5% or 4%,
to keep costs from getting ridiculous or accidentally going negative
(that's 16 or 21 pracs at the high end).

Can we max all our levels? no. But a system like this would at least give
high levels more things to spend experience on, and enable them to learn
more skills, even if those skills would be less powerful than they would be
in the hands of someone of that class.

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