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Date:    2021 Jul 10 10:49
From:    colonel
Subject: re gold hoarding
I have over 10 mil gold, but I don't consider it hoarding, and here is why.
1. I've spent close to 25 mil gold to make my tank set. Enchants cost alot,
but more importantly, you can spend 1.2 mil on a piece just to find out you
can't disenchant it, making it worthless as a tank piece. Since appraise is
so broad and generalized, it is very easy to spend twice as much gold
building something as the enchant analyze says. 2. It is much harder to
find gold these days, so I will have nothing in reserve if i blow up a tank
piece or something else similarly bad happens. 10 mil gold isjust enough to
cover about 4 of those. 3. I put tons of gold back into the economy with
the money market not to mention all the crafting. Dont be coming after my
10 mil because you have a problem with hoarders. 4. I'm sure there are
people that actually do hoard their gold, but I think the much bigger
problem is people buying credits and then using those to buy tons of gold
on the money market10 dollars gets you almost 2 mil gold and alot of people
are doing that these days. I would love to see how much that is affecting
the gold offset. I suspect much more than hoarding in my opinion.

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