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Date:    2018 Oct 20 23:01
To:      all
From:    adara
Subject: Shadow Bind Question.
I really don't know if this is possible, but I guess it never hurts to ask
and find out. Is there a way to insert a flag or tag or have some indicator
to tell you if a target, or targets, have been shadow bound?  Perhaps
something like "(shadow bound)" under the mob command or "Her shadow is
spiked in place" under the look or consider commands? The two areas that
come to mind most readily is the centaur village northwest of the green elf
village (Yes, I have trouble with names) or the werepanther playroom, 
where there always seems to be something moving into or out of a room. This
can make it difficult to know if you have shadow bound the right target, if
your target has been replaced by something else, or, which target(s) have
been bound  I admit that I like to bind several targets in a room and lob
grenades into the room for multiple kills, but it would still be useful to
see what targets have been bound before you try to kill something that you
thought was bound and wasn't. I don't know if this would be a relatively
simple process, or a major overhaul. I guess that it never hurts to ask,
right? Thanks for the time.

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