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Date:    2023 Jun 27 14:25
To:      all
From:    ax
Subject: can something please be done about severe denting?
Hello all.
I first want to say thank you to shadowfax and everyone else who was involved in
making this event.
The summer events are always my favorite events of the year.
I am writing this message to address my concerns with exp denting, particularly as
it applies to this event.
When this event firstopened, I was getting pretty good experience from mob kills.
However, now that everyone is running this solo area instead of puzzlewood, the amount
of experience I am getting is frankly laughable. 
To give an example, I recently received 9000 experience from a monster, which by
all rights should have gotten me at least half cap.
Alter is a great mud, but there have been times where I have gotten so annyoed and
fed up with the experience denting for players that I have came very close to quittint
this game. 
Now is one of those times. I do not know how much longer I can put up with global
experience denting in it's current form.
I do not feel or think it is fair that I should be penalized for running in an area
when I had nothing to do with the denting in the first place. Let me run where I
want to run.,
If you are going to make exp denting a thing, at least make it on a player by player
basis, and don't make event areas subject to denting.
I saw this event as a time for me to get some levels in and really level up my character.
Now, I simply cannot do that because the amount of experience I am getting is so
I feel that event areas like this should be a time for players to have fun, not worry
about experience denting, and really get some levels in and make their character
Thank you.

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