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Date:    2017 Oct 24 19:47
From:    almaric
Subject: re. high lv ideas
First - I really like Rhorae's and Teros' ideas. Both of them sound - at
least for me - neither too hard to implement nor too game breaking if put
in in a reasonable level.

I have also something to mention - that being equipment. Most of high lvls
would agree that certain classes receive a huge power boost when you hit a
certain level in it as class-flags have become really popular on high level
equipment. Looking at thief for example - I would argue that 75 to 80% of
the good backstabbing equipment can be used around lv34 and above
(including backstabbers), also the strongest warrior weapons also come in
between lv 35 and 37 warr. The equipment thing is more a concern for t he
melee classes as they, unlike caster classes, really depend on their
weapons. And given the fact creating skilllevel eq with decent hr and dr
takes up much much more composite in comparison to just putting on
castlevel, melee chars relay imo more on equipment - for spellcasters the
difference in between lv32 to 37 might be in having 10 (20 builderwise)
less manaregen in their set but do not lose on actual damage output

Thats why I think there should be some kind of solution regarding the eq
system that makes people able to use class-flagged eq although not having
that class at the required level. I have actually put some thoughts into
that in the past and might have proposed this somewhere - possibly even on
this board -, but as you know I have been extremely absent recently (which
however isnt connected to high lv costs but to rl) I do not really remember

I would like you to note that the numbers I am using here are those I think
to be reasonable, not implying that they're objectively reasonable (let's
skip the argument about objectivity being a thing). Let's take 120
equipment levels as some kind of 'this is high level now'-point. For each 2
levels past tot120, you could gain one aditional 'equipment level' in each
class. So, lets take my levels right now: 37 mage, 24 cler, 21 thief, 34
warr, 33 necro, I think 12 in druid. I am 127 eq lv right now. That w ould
mean that I'd have lv37 warr and lv36 necr eq-level wise, meaning I could
use equipment that would require that level (like dragonstrike or sandals
of human flesh if thats still tot121 35 necr). In theory it would put me to
lv40 eq level in mage. The most likely option here would be to pick a eq
level cap - you cant exced the max class level - but also there could be
thought about removing the composite hard limit, making it possible to
actually build eq for lv40 or 42 or whatever for really high lev el players
to use (which shall not be discussed here, though).

We know that gaining levels is hard, but this would make it for high levels
possible to actually not be forced to effectively play their primary and
possibly secondary class. Yes, a level 37 thief will still be able to be a
better thief than a lv32 thief - but if he was tot130, he could be using
the same eq as the tot130 lv37 thief, making them tie on at least damroll
and only making it a matter of skill-level then. I believe this would make
the game a bit more diverse and enjoyable for high levels and al so make it
easier to reach certain goals - and especially in combination with rhoraes
idea gaining levels in certain classes to make them playable might not be
too crucial in the highlevel range anymore. And, if considering Teros'
idea, the shortened way to the new eq and skills can be made even more
delightful by adding even more point to exping. 

I also have to agree on teros last point: I also hope for an adjustment of
the level costs - who doesn't? But if considering those ideas, there wont
be that much pressure for a lot of people to actually level super-high

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