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Date:    2021 Sep 28 14:37
From:    shadowfax
Subject: Traditional post events roundup
Here's combined followup stats for the summer and Labor Day events:

Players died 654 times in the Puzzlewood.
12064 mobs died in the Puzzlewood.
175 players participated in the Puzzlewood challenge.
160 players made it to Wave 1.
128 players made it to Wave 10.
102 players made it to Wave 20.
90 players completed the Puzzlewood challenge.

Players died 3531 times on Starving Rock.
147330 mobs died on Starving Rock.
235 players slew 100 monsters on Starving Rock.
133 players slew 500 monsters on Starving Rock.
109 players completed the Starving Rock challenge.

348 players slew the cold drake of Pilar's Hideaway.
295 players completed the trial of Cadenisimo's freedom.
240 players became a hero of Pellam by slaying the tirbana spawner.
153 players observed Califax's prison within the Vault of the Fallen Star.
111 players secured the assistance of Archangel Selene.
435 players started the main story quests, but only 87 completed them all.
Cisalpine, Califax's son, killed 38 players.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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