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Date:    2017 Aug 21 16:40
To:      all
From:    meccano
Subject: Atlantis Academy and Library
Following extensive rebuilding and refurbishment, by order of the archon of
the city of Atlantis, it is now our great pleasure to announce the
reopening of the academy and library to the public.

The academy, located on the northeast borders of the city is one of the
premier establishments of learning and research in the known world. There
are many opportunities for adventurers to find quests and jobs there and
those interested would be well advised to seek out administrator Bardas in
the main academy building.

Just to the south of this, on the eastern border of the main city lies the
grand library, which holds arguably the greatest collection of books, maps
and scrolls the world over. The opportunity to train to become a
prestigious librarian awaits those with the right skills, and for those
keen to uncover the real history of Atlantis, the truth is there to be

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