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Date:    2017 Oct  3 04:10
From:    xera
Subject: account based ideas
since account infrastructural is currently been reviewed and worked on some related
ship captain to default to all account chars
shop owner to default to all account chars
who command to show account and non-account players
an alts command (alt hidden to mark a char as incognito)
avatar and moderators to be account wide
all channels admins, owners and allowed chars to default to account
account show to display short class string i.e. Mc
bonus for linking a char to account i.e. extra prac, eqsets etc
clan list to show true size of clan (number of players rather than number of chars)
mudmail sent to main char on account before an account char is removed for inactivity
account based achievement/quests (for future events)
account aliases
standardize settings across account
account mudmail - maybe remove or shared mailboxes
player ofind to work across account
deathcards transferable between account chars
eq to default to account bind, phase out char bind eq (only for limited purposes)
show difference between char bound and  account bound eq on strings

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