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Date:    2017 Oct 23 13:47
To:      all
From:    teros
Subject: About xp
The problem with rhorae's idea is that it's spending xp. The mark of progress
in the game is leveling, and the only way to level is to save up xp. There
needs to be something that players can do that still lets them get xp somehow,
without actually spending xp.

A preliminary suggestion: every 50 million xp a player runs, he gets an
enchantment point. When enough of these enchantment points are gained, the

player can spend them on an enchant of his choice, the enchant points
substituting for gold, at a rate of 1 enchant point = 5000 gold. So even a
fairly cheap enchant like a bind alignment on a high level item would cost 4
enchant points, which would require the player to run 200 million exp.

Once Dentin fixes up xp so it's more consistent, players can run xp toward
their next enchant point, and since the cost of an enchant point is constant,
they can feel like they are making steady progress toward something. The idea
also has allure because every enchant makes the player a bit more powerful, and
the power gain is visible and tangible as the effect is visible on the item.

This system of small constant progress with an additional big is proven to work
on other games. The enchant point system would not be hard to implement either,
far easier than messing with level table curves (though i still think that they
should be looked at).

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