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Date:    2021 Jul  6 09:38
To:      all
From:    ivey
Subject: gold hoarding
Hello, I think that the game should do something about gold hoarding.
There are players that have literal millions of unspent gold.
The game taxes gold over 1 million at about 1%. However this is a per character tax,
so most gold hoarders just distribute the gold among account linked players to avoid
the tax.
The game attempts to maintain about 500 million gold in total all the time. When
players have more gold, mobs have less. This problem can be fixed by making the gold
tax account wide.
I propose a 5% weekly tax on gold in excess of 5m total per account. Players not
in an account can only hold up to 100000 gold to stop players from hhiding gold on
unlinked characters.
This should in theory be a fairly simple change to implement and I think it would
do a lot for the people who actually do spend gold on expensive enchants for their
eq, and just oversall stimulate the economy.

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