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Date:    2021 Jul 10 20:11
To:      all colonel
From:    ivey
Subject: re: gold hoarding
To your points in order:
1. I agree that this is a legit concern but I'm also not sure what to do about it.
2. I totally agree with you. @lexie, I don't think you understand how much gold things
You are basically contradicting yourself by saying that it's not hard to find gold,
but then the gold is distributed among 3 x as many players, meaning it's harder to
find it.
3. I wasn't going after you, and I can't feel bad if you feel targeted.
4. $10 is 1000 credits, which actually would get you about 602k at current rates.
This is actually pretty terrible.
I do agree about the gold offset. If you read the gold balancing article it talks
about how the offset is supposed to be resistant to transients.
The offset was created in a time when people weren't compelled to spend nearly as
much gold as they do today, and I wonder how all the higher numbers being thrown
around affects it.
Though you actually bring up a good point. The costs of enchants are a big reason
why people are holding on to their gold. The amount of gold in the game should probably
be increased to reflect the costs of enchants.
Before enchants were commonplace, the biggest investment most players would make
would be on their weightless container. a 2000 pound weightless is 10000 credits.
10000 credits equated to between 6 and 8m gold depending on the money market prices
at the time.
 Of course there is the occasional clan dues and player shops, but those weren't
huge lump sums being paid for the most part. they were paid overtime, meaning the
gold offset could adjust better for them.

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