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Date:    2016 Dec 18 09:22
From:    dentin
Subject: Releveling FAQ part 1
What players will this affect?
 - If your classes are higher than 37 37 32 27 22 17 when sorted
   by level, you're probably affected.  If you're just barely over,
   the conversion code might decide you're not worth switching.

 - In total, this hits about 60 players.  About 20 of those are long
   term idle or don't play anymore, and 20 are only affected by a
   couple of levels.  The remaining 20 players are affected a lot.

How do I know if I'm affected?
 - Type 'level'.  If you're affected, you'll know.

I'm affected.  How does the conversion process work?
 - Use the 'level test' command to see what your level changes
   will look like.

 - If you've got a tie, you'll need to use the 'level tiebreaker'
   command to set up tiebreaking.

 - Use the 'level convert' command to unlevel and get the
   refunded experience.

 - Use the refunded experience to regain levels.  When all the
   refunded experience it gone, your conversion is complete.

 - Once the conversion is complete, you might need to use the
   'oset unflag' command to remove class flag from equipment
   you can't use anymore.  See 'help unflag' for details.

Miscellaneous info
 - Players don't have to convert immediately.  They can wait as
   long as they want, but won't be able to level or buy practices
   until they convert.

 - When a player converts, the code will automatically apply the
   max level achievements before changing levels.

 - Players don't lose skills, spells, or practices when they convert.
   Keep in mind that they might require cast level to use those
   spells and skills.

 - The exp refund is 2.5 billion exp for each 1.8 billion exp
   level.  Microlevels end up being partial refunds.

 - When converted players relevel, they still get all the gains
   from those levels.

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