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Date:    2017 Sep 18 20:32
From:    lokar
Subject: Druid group interaction issues updated
Many of the druid group interaction issues I mentioned in previous posts
recently got fixed, that's fantastic. Thank you for the hard work! It's
seriously appreciated. 

This is an updated post listing the remaining issues I'm aware of, and
possible solutions to those issues.

Druids still currently disable shadow binding and shadow striking through
normal druid blasting activities which require ether overcast weather or
releasing sunlight (and other similar light interactions)

Shadow strike is a thiefs primary damage source in groups, so disabling it
is pretty punishing, while shadow bind is a pretty important utility for
preventing mobs from fleeing.

The shadow bind issue might not be super important, although it is
annoying, the real issue here is disabling shadow strike. 

Previously I had suggested the following solutions.

1) New thief skill  Manipulate Shadows - for a moderate amount of shadow
power this skill would force a target to have shadows letting shadow
related skills work on them regardless of lighting conditions.

2) Let Shadow Strike and Shadow Bind be used in the more punishing Lighting
conditions (this is a less ideal change, I think having limitations is
actually good design for the skills)

3) Let Call lightning and other less 'extreme weather' spells work without
overcast (IE just cloudy) (probably also less ideal because again I think
the restrictions are good design)

4) A new option that Fax brought to my attention last time we discussed
this - A new direct damage attack that isn't as strong as shadow strike,
but is still decently strong, that can be used in situations shadow strike
can't be. I believe his idea was debilitating strike (or something to that
effect) That did similar damage to shadow strike, only some of that damage
was converted to movement damage. - This is probably the BEST of the 4
ideas as it gives a new alternative to thieves, doesn't mess with the 
current skill/spell design to much, adds new utility to the game AND is
perfectly thief like.

There is also the issue of druids not playing well with each other with the
use of spells such as sunstorm and solar flare. Both spells can only be
cast  once per tick (I think, unsure on actual time limit) PER ROOM, the
limit should be PER druid. My suggestion is a hidden debuff, or cooldown on
the individual druid to prevent them from spamming it if spamming it is an
issue. This prevents other druids from being punished because another druid
cast it, but still limits the individual druid.

Lastly Sandstorm, this spell is very rarely cast (if ever) because it makes
your entire group non-functional. It blinds everyone in the room, including
your own group members. This makes it impossible for healers to heal, and
impossible for people to target mobs, meanwhile mobs already in combat or
dragged in to combat have no such issue. In high level areas this means the
almost certain death of your group - I have no idea how to fix this one,

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