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---- Oct 21, 18 [2576] Shopkeepers now have less gold when killed. From Shadowfax: Prevent claim-jumping and sabotaging of mining deposits by other players. Expand keyword for the poison flagged object list switch to "poisoned" so as not be confused with "poisonsave" effect. Add "duplicates" list switch. From Draak: Using the review command without a target will target a corpse on the ground, if there is only one. (Dentin) Appraise should work on crafted components and not just finished pieces now. Spalted wood pieces have a chance to get extra composite, since rotten wood has a higher break chance. Benefits from certain flavors of food are now applied for all food, however, player-prepared recipes are more effective. (Onunku) Persephone can now make her world famous pineapple kissel. Untrained fishing should be somewhat less of a horrible ordeal now. Reviewing a mob's corpse to check for weaknesses should no longer send information about lighting conditions (for thieves with shadow skills). Lapidary, leathercraft, metallurgy, woodcraft and bonecraft each have a unique mask in addition to a blank, modifiable one. Changes to crafted masks. Lapidary, leathercraft, metallurgy and woodcraft each have a blank mask you can make. If you know heraldry, you can update the mask with the face or skull of any heraldic beast or demihuman. ---- Oct 13, 18 [2575] From Shadowfax: Add 'ports help' command. (Lexie) Fixed a couple of bugs that prevented responses by guards to whispered passcodes from being displayed correctly. If you pay a toll or whisper a passcode to a guard, they'll now let you open any door needed in order to pass. Prevent locate object from displaying objects found inside clan areas, unless it's your clan. (Xera) Make nocast static blast strings for when the target is someone other than the caster. (Fighter/Red) Add 'partial' and 'completed' switches for the tactics low/advanced/cross commands. (Lexie) Allow shadow walk, shadow asylum, cloak of darkness, and cloak of fear to be used while remaining hidden. (Colonel) Ammunition with carved runes are less likely to be destroyed after a successful hit. (Sprite) From Draak: Gods can no longer end up in the news for things, unless they get off their buns and open new areas. You can carve runes into fruit, for the rare cases you might want to wear a piece of fruit on your head. Fishing can now be used untrained. Expect it to work roughly as well as RL fishing. (Morpheus) Various small tweaks to fishing in general, to make untrained fishing feasible. Let know Draak if anything seems really out of whack. ---- Oct 07, 18 [2573] From Shadowfax: Raise bane damage to 120% versus target creatures. Have identify properly state versus undead and golem bane qualities. Check wear list for autoreload containers. (Onunku) Add 'ports' command for boats. From Draak: Added a kangaroo to heraldry, because why not? (Shryth) Several cleric and mage spells have been recategorized from 'critical' to 'important'. If you are in combat, taunt and intimidate will automatically target the mob you are fighting unless you specify 'all'. More minor adjustments to object prices. If you know undead lore and corpsecutter, you can harvest a few spellcomps from the corpses of undead creatures. Adjustments to getting 'full' when consuming potions and using certain kinds of salves. ---- Sep 29, 18 [2571] From Shadowfax: Make full moon only visible on the prime material plane. When leaving a context due to it having ended, such as completing a board message or trade, you will enter the next context on your list if there are any. Explicitly parsing the 'context leave' command will still exit your list entirely. From Draak: Deathwalk off should now properly stop deathwalking. (Morpheus) Added a few new minerals for lapidary. Added a profession point leaderboard. Standardized leathercrafted container capacities. (Lexie) You can still make pouches from shells, if its hinged like a clam. Shored up the dieroll calculations for crafted weapons. Applying salves should no longer fill your stomach up like drinking potions. The area command now accepts 'good' and 'evil' arguments, for example 'area good 38' will show all level 38 areas with predominately good aligned mobs. New demonic wood type: graoch Woodcrafted items now smell and taste like the wood they are made from. (Onunku) Soft wood types should now be easier to carve without breaking even if you are not highly proficient at woodcraft. ---- Sep 23, 18 [2570] Top4 / equipment levels is dead, long live equipment levels! ---- Sep 22, 18 [2567] From Draak: Partial cleanup and improvements to mycomancy. ---- Sep 16, 18 [2565] From Draak: Added a handful of small random events to prospecting. Mycomancy set to nobrew until Draak figures out a sane way to make it work. Fixed static blast. ---- Sep 15, 18 [2562] From Draak: Static blast should now be scribeable. (Jonathon) Poisonous arsenic sulfide minerals orpiment and realgar added to mining. Shryth, don't lick them. MOAR FISH - keep an eye out for flying fish when fishing! Tweaks to expand dragon gem types when skinning dragons. You can now restring crafted dragonscale armor. Added the ability for clan elders to add a forge to their clan. See 'credit buy clanforge'. The news command will now report the most recent player freak event. News command expanded to break out Catch of the Day, Freaks, Meteor Sightings and Social Media. Type 'news help' for usage. ---- Sep 09, 18 [2561] Localecho now bypasses the kxwt filter, so it can be used for testing. ---- Sep 08, 18 [2560] From Shadowfax: You cannot start a fire using an object in your inventory as fuel so as to prevent accidental burning. (Jonathon) Brewing acid now requires a cooking fire. Make 'brew acid analyze' more intelligent. ---- Sep 02, 18 [2557] From Draak: Fixes and updates to craft restring and related functions. (Wily, Dizzy) Craft restring now works for leathercrafted items. Expanded name selections when skinning dragons! Now with more colors, gems and metals. Added a 'city' option to the area command, so you can get a better idea of what zones are cities. The sundrinker tincture now makes you susceptible to herbicide poisoning. Changes to city zones - only certain select cities are subject to exp halving, soulstone level restrictions and the like. From Shadowfax: Add 'credit buy charheight' and 'credit buy charweight'. Fix strangely worded room sends for parcel and missionary jobs. (Lilmike) Add new obscure thief skill 'brew acid'. Add new obscure grenade type 'acid splash'. ---- Aug 26, 18 [2555] From Draak: Add yeti and wheel heraldry. Crafted ammunition should no longer have player names in the insult strings. (Pimp) Tagged various druid spell strings to be picked up by spam filters. Old god entries are being updated. Expect to see more variations in holy weapons, the appearance of incarnates, added holy symbols and minor tweaks throughout the game. Holy weapons are no longer set to the same default speed. The holy weapons of some gods may be slower and more damaging, others may be faster with somewhat lower damage. Socials are being updated to be easier to maintain. Please report any weirdness to Dentin or Draak. If you are the author of a social, please contact Draak so you can be given proper credit. ---- Aug 19, 18 [2552] From Draak: 'Changes' and 'news' added to the 'show' command. Add 'check unarmed'. The news command now shows the two most recently added areas. You can now butcher caught fish. New wood type: sumac Coldfire, bloodmist and several other necromancer spell room strings added to spam gcast. Prettied up forging cost strings when spending only 1 gold coin. (Lilmike) Bonecrafted clubs, canes and quarterstaffs can be loaded by metallurgy, because why not? Added an alignment check for assembling crafted equipment, to prevent components with opposing alignments from being combined. Various small improvements to crafting and minor bugs cleaned up. Most notably certain pearls can now be added to jewelry as intened, and some older crafted objects with gemstones may not have the name of their gemstones show up due to an error transferring the gem original vnum to the finished object. The crafting restring function is now operational. For one profession point, you can rename a piece of crafted equipment based on its composition, additions and stats. It is partially random, and can be reverted (for free) if desired. Enchant essence now uses profession points instead of combat points. Gold and mana costs for the mage elemental enchants and enchant deflection lowered slightly, but now have a cost of one combat point. From Shadowfax: Add 'annulet', 'pall', 'pile' and 'roundel' as clan crest divisions. Add 'opinicus' heraldry device. Spent ammunition should now time out after about an hour. Trap commands will now check to see if the player is affected by the 'blindness' spell instead of checking against the blind player flag. Player-created and repaired traps are now set as detected. (Xera) Make 'leech' command parsing more intuitive. (Kagome) ---- Aug 18, 18 [2550] Reboot email should no longer be sent multiple times for quick crashes. Changes to soulstone scaling with level. This doesn't affect soulstone power in relation to skills, but it should make it easier to forge high level soulstones and flatten the prices on the soulstone market. ---- Aug 07, 18 [2549] Infrastructure changes in the filesystem loaders. ---- Aug 05, 18 [2548] From Shadowfax: Allow the pouring of liquid into a partially filled liquid container if that container has no spells attached. (Gog) ---- Aug 04, 18 [2545] From Draak: Tweaks to pelts and various other crafting strings. Fixed strings for casting healing spells on self. Remove poison and cure poison strings should be more realistic when received from potions. Allow ingot splitting down to one pound. Fixed backwards logic typo when making dragonscale grips. (Colonel) Flourish now works unarmed, if you know unarmed combat. (Lokar) Gods now have holy symbols, which worshippers can add to items using the heraldry skill. Please be patient while we add holy symbols to all the god entries. From Shadowfax: Allow the filling of a liquid container that is on the ground if the source is in one's inventory. Water from mires is now impure like that from swamps or marshes. ---- Jul 29, 18 [2544] From Draak: Crafting insult strings should now strongly avoid articles and duplicate words. Send Draak a mudmail if you find a problem. Fixed oddball bug with patchwork leather and hatmaking. (Lexie) Metallurgy split/combine bug with carbon-comp objects patched (Wily). More heraldry options. Bolster, heal and major heal should now no longer be castable on yourself if you are near full health, though bolster can still be cast at full health if your morale is low. ---- Jul 28, 18 [2542] From Shadowfax: Preserve auction channel color when an item with color tags is auctioned. From Draak: Fixed a few typos with essence enchant and clan heraldry. Added strings for dirt throwing and enrage to the spam filters. Soothe wounds can no longer be cast on yourself if you do not need healing. The other healing spells will be reconfigured to match it in the future. Bloodbond should no longer use mana on failures. Mining should no longer produce minerals that autobind. You can look at the sun now, if you really, really want to. Added a 'news' command, which will give information about things happening in the game. For now this includes the last reboot, daily fishing records, events and recent meteor sightings. ---- Jul 22, 18 [2538] The first 20 members in a clan no longer cost dues. Cost to create a new clan is now only 100k gold. New clans are now created with the clan tithing flag set. Clan tithing should now only be effective on proper gold sources, instead of on all gold changes. Show autotithe status on clan list. Fix kxwt disable bug in new spell status code. Credit buy chartransfer now deletes the previous owner's email.

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