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---- Jan 25, 21 [2841] Level 39 is officially on-line! Happy 26th Anniversary from the staff of Alter Aeon! From Draak: New craft label 'emptycatchers'. (Castmaster) Potion throwing now has a chance of dealing more powerful castings of spells, especialy if you manage to hit the target in the face. New level 39 mage skill, 'greater ice elemental' New level 39 warrior skill, 'impale' New level 39 thief skill, 'grenadier' New level 39 cleric skill, 'fey woe' New level 39 necromancer skill, 'crystal skull' Storm of roses is no longer a witch bonus spell. It is now a level 39 druid spell, with a few thematic tweaks. New high-level solo areas, the City of Fonts and the Field of Fonts, will be opening shortly. The Fields of Fonts is a first-of-its kind area, featuring a procedurally generated map that changes each reboot, randomly-placed treasures and enemies, new job types, mysteries to explore and randomized encounters that adjusts to the level of your your character. This project will be actively developed and tweaked as feedback is received. Please enjoy! ---- Jan 24, 21 [2837] Fix 'infinite tensor' bug and re-timer them on login. From Draak: Tweaked some warrior skills so that sleeping/prone mobs can't get out of the way. Added a few new colors, adjectives and fish types to fishing. The level of crafted components such as gems and forged studs should now show up on identify. Ore and forgeable ingots now have prices that are directly derived from how much it costs to work with the type of metal they are instead of broad extrapolations. There have been changes to jobs in prepartion for new high-level job types, mostly opaque to players. If you encounter any issues with existing jobs, please contact Draak or Shadowfax. From Mutt: Slightly reverted skeletal lich insult strings for player convenience. Greatly increase effectiveness of leadfoot against fleeing targets. Groupcast prayer for the dying will now affect the caster. From Brak: New 'credit buy clanrankstrings' option. Exclude plural mobs from soulsteal (Asclepius) New soulsteal code. This switches the focus from a mobs hp to the comparative levels of the spell and the target, as well as other factors such as a mob's constitution. This should mean that newbie mobs are fairly easy to steal from while mobs at the higher end become progressively more difficult. This can be offset by latching on presteal, lowering a mob's morale and raising your charisma. There is also some variation between different mob types with mobs that are more difficult to steal from generally giving slightly higher value souls. ---- Jan 16, 21 [2835] From Valront: Minor string changes in identify info for bound objects and god loaded objects, you likely won't notice the difference. Added helpful reminder to check help files when putting your first practice in a skill/spell. Added color to various "You need to know 'x' to learn that." strings. Changed Shards from damage type pierce to damage type slice. Added hint strings for all non-obscure mage spells/skills up to level 15. Added framework for hint strings when learning new skills/spells for the first time. This is only on a few select mage skills/spells for now, but will be added to more with time. From Mutt: Restores now refill the hp/mana/move of player controlled minions. Increase level scaling on default 'alu' mode of mage channel casting. Reduced blood tap bottling cost to 25 gold and increased timer duration. Removed extra soulstone string from skeletal knight and skeletal lich. Added using soulstone string to bone dragon. Added destruction room string inside bone fortress prior to player ejection. Removed color highlight from shadow bind information in monster lore. Adjusted regen on cleric petitioned minions to standard values. Remove player name "are you sure" requirement when casting bone fortress. This should make it easier to emergency cast bone fortress, when you need it immediately and a parser fail would kill you. ---- Jan 02, 21 [2833] From Mutt: Restores now remove deathly sleep and cure basic poisoning. Added 'landmarks' command (which works the same as 'where landmarks'.) From Valront: Undo changed from Important to Helpful. ---- Dec 31, 20 [2832] From Valront: Minor help text improvement in new character creation screens. ---- Dec 29, 20 [2830] From Draak: Mining in event areas should now give objects with more appropriate levels. (Morpheus) Tweaks to mob aggro and high concentration events. You can now relabel bottled potions after a different spell that they have, if they have more than one. (Asclepius) Removed event show information from 'event quest'. (Morpheus) Appraise will now indicate if an object cannot have runes added to it due to the internal calculations of the rune carving skills, which are not entirely dependent of the item's composite and quality level. From Valront: Adjusted brag aep to make strings more sane in corner case situations. ---- Dec 27, 20 [2828] From Valront: Added NOTEACH flag to sunder, but specific sunder trainers have been set up to compensate. Blocking a player now prevents that player from giving you objects. (Volk) Add new brag "areaexplorer" ("aep" for short) to brag local explorer points. (Shryth) From Mutt: Added to skeletal lich insult strings. Purge blood now removes deathly sleep from the target. (Meyaa) ---- Dec 23, 20 [2826] From Valront: Death and Decay no longer dependant on obscure spells. (Frak) The string for Death and Decay falling off of targets now has color to match the string for landing it on a target. Added color to strings for successful casts of bloodmist (Frak) Lifetap half hp limit removed - you could already lifetap down to almost nothing this just removes the extra steps. (Frak) Haste no longer hits spell save, this really only served to be a minor annoyance for players trying to haste themselves. (even MOAR Frak) Removed magic dtype from rotting sphere, this should help improve its performance in MOST cases as it will no longer hit two saves. (Frak) Suspended rule that disallowed mortals of a god worshiping their god. Recent code changes have automated most god actions and removed manual pantheon commands, greatly reducing conflicts of interest. As we continue this work, we may remove the rule completely. ---- Dec 20, 20 [2824] From Draak: Your character will now have a personal record of the heaviest fish you've ever caught, visible with with brag/show fish. (Everyone on event channel) Skeletal knights now have slightly different ground strings from regular skeletons. Gather mushroom, gather herb, gather bullets and forage now work like gather firewood. Mobs that attack sleeping characters may now exihibit aggression towards players that are crafting or gathering supplies. Be cautious! To offset some of the inconvenience, the minimum level of harvested herbs and mushrooms is now the level of the area in which they were harvested (if the player gathering them is at least as high level as the area). ---- Dec 18, 20 [2822] Invisibility can no longer be cast on objects. We are planning significant changes to invisibility in the near future, and this is one part. From Draak: Added 'set autocompare'. This toggles off the automatic comparison of worn equipment and equipment that is listed or identified. Crafting super bonus should now be a bit less stingy. ---- Dec 13, 20 [2820] From Draak: Changes to gathering wood behavior. Updates to encounters in prepartion for upcoming Field of Fonts addition, including solitary bosses and the ability to add templates to sets of mobs. ---- Dec 06, 20 [2817] From Dentin: The "real time" timers on objects have been improved, so that they now destroy objects when they expire instead of setting a nosave flag. From Valront: Added color to both double cap and double exp mode strings to make them stand out more. Added strings for casting protection from evil on targets, and a fail string for when the target already has the protection from evil spell on them. This should only impact scrolls and wands as the spell still isn't castable on others through normal means. From Shadowfax: Make it possible to get instakill achievements beyond your first ranged freak 5. (Sirand) The damage of ranged weapon freaks are not only multiplied but are now cumulative. Playershop updates: Playershop owners can now choose to deny service to particular player. All players associated with the same account are also excluded. By default, playershops will no longer service players without an account. If you are a shop owner and want to sell to non-account players, an administrator can set it up for you. All multis of all names on a shop's owner list will be recognized as owners as well. ---- Nov 29, 20 [2815] From Draak: You can now split skinned hides and sheets of dragonscale. (Fumo) Added quest, job and keepsake to crafting labels. (Mertag) Added catchers and soulstones to crafting labels. From Valront: Added color to faerie fire strings cause locane isn't here to add color to everything and someone has to fill that void. Prevent gather in solaced rooms to help quell some types of botting. (Leos) ---- Nov 26, 20 [2813] From Valront: Added color to entangling roots strings to make them more visible in combat. Added chance to get purple sparks in shower of sparks. (Yes, this was a good use of my time, also Frak made me do it, also purple is awesome.) Adjusted the fame string for areas with no fame to be had so it would play nicely with "brag/show areafame". Adjusted "brag/show areafame" to be slightly more informative. Added "pracs" as an alias for brag/show practices. From Draak: Allow the 'fire' command to work in combat again for point blank skill. Fixed an obscure heraldry bug with woodcrafted dishes. (Sandman) New forged weapon: the estoc Using a mastercrafted+ guard or chain when assembling a weapon with a mastercraft blade or head will result in a slightly superior weapon. ---- Nov 14, 20 [2807] From Draak: String fix and misc cleanup to reduce reagent. (Nermthegerm) Added held items to essence enchant. (This is far more useful on shields, but if you really want to use it on held items, you now can.) Waypoint command should no longer unhide you, unless you actually use it to waypoint somewhere. (Asclepius) Tweaks to leathercrafted weapons to have better stats dependent on skill level and quality. ---- Nov 07, 20 [2805] From Draak: New leathercrafted container: keyfob (Shryth) Teachers in unopened areas should no longer show up on skill find and spell find. New lootcrate: crafting sampler crate. New necromancer skill: graft undead Add forged spikes, studs and scales to your undead constructs. New general alchemy skill: reduce reagent Create concentrated versions of spell components to increase their level at the cost of mass. New haberdashery skill: livery Create bespoke clothing. From Valront: Highlighted successful Shadow Binds to make them more visible in combat spam. Changed string for toggling wimpy off. ---- Oct 30, 20 [2803] From Draak: Improved help menus for heraldry regarding adding clan crests and holy symbols. Resting or sleeping by a player-made campfire gives a small bonus to regen. Cook some food, rest by a fire and relax for a couple rounds between adventures! Size damage to certain mage spells softened a bit. This is an attempt to balance the phenomena of large mobs either being totally owned by certain spells or builders giving them saving throws that make them nearly immune. ---- Oct 24, 20 [2801] From Draak: Added keyword arguments to lapidary, leathercraft, tailoring and woodcraft lists. Added keyword 'wchain' to forged chains because *somebody* is too lazy to type out 'weaponchain'. (Shryth) Added royal blue to the crafting color tables. (Dizzy) Added calories to server-side shortid. EXPERIMENTAL - food now gives out less hp and movement, but triggers a brief regen event, which includes mana as well. Food must be eaten outside of combat to trigger the regen event, and are strongest when not standing. Taste side effects have been somewhat strengthened and have a short duration, so that eating food in combat is still useful. The hope here is to make food a viable option for speeding regen outside of combat, in contrast with potions and scrolls, which are more useful in battle. ---- Oct 18, 20 [2800] From Brak: New affinity search switch to return spellcomps which have an affinity for a single spell. ---- Oct 17, 20 [2797] From Draak: Attempt to address msp auction dings not shutting off when auction is snoozed. (Theman) Distraction is now slightly more effective. New hatmaking item: a facemask Added keyword for forged chains: 'weaponchain' (Demael) Various crafting tweaks, including slightly lowering the price of essence enchant and boosting dierolls of weapons made by players with high skill levels. Added 'keywords' argument for forge list, to display keywords that can be used to select desired items. For example, 'forge list jewelry keywords' will show a list of jewelry with the keywords for each piece instead of the required weight, wear location, etc. 20 entries displayed.

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