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---- Feb 20, 17 [2292] From Shadowfax: Add eldertell replay history. You can no longer get things out of ice prisons. Reduce amount of favor gained by sacrificing objects. Add 'who unclanned/clanless/noclan' command. Ban the names of certain social sites from being used as channel names. Add 'eqset rehome' and 'eqset replace' commands. You get credit for oblate tasks and gain favor for everything inside of a corpse when it is sacrificed. You no longer have to empty everything out of it first and sac each item individually. Add -lightcatcher list switch, for showing lightcatchers with less than the specified percent, such as 'l in pocket -lightcatcher 50'. Send ascend/descend strings to self when passing through big rooms with different elevations. The misc spam filter gags this send. Players will be assigned the newbie encampment waypoint as the default instead of the one in Vemarken if they are level 9 or lower and end up with no other waypoints. Major changes to drunkenness, such as eliminating speech slurring, involuntary parsing and general spamminess. Numerous strings were cleaned up. 'Drunkenness' acts more like a debuff now, see 'help drunk' for details. Protectors can drag their protectee out of combat when retreating when the protectee is low on movement, mortally wounded, fails their skill check, or is affected by leadfoot. (Being entangled or shadow bound still fails.) Two protectors can work together. Fix 'quest list' so it won't show duplicate quests. Fix indexing bug in 'quest extra' that caused it to display the wrong quest's data. Fix display bug in 'quest info' and 'quest extra' when you had one unfinished custom job and no unfinished quests. ---- Feb 13, 17 [2290] Minor cleanups to avatar whereis command. ---- Feb 12, 17 [2286] Scent of death should now work on player corpses. ---- Feb 05, 17 [2283] Fix bug in weapon throwing. Allow combo attacks to have both ground strike and jab in them. Prevent combo attacks with ground strike from having various thief skills in them. ---- Feb 04, 17 [2281] Fix crash bug in 'accio' spell. Fix ref count bug in boards. Fix waypoint bug for new/reset characters. Reorganize the way attack/speed effects are handled internally. Most of this should be because of improved reporting accuracy, but there are also some side effect changes to actual attack rates. The required warrior level to get maximum 'multiple attacks' skill has been raised from 30 to 36. From Draak: Dclient and MSP sound updates. Various string and parsing keyword updates. Add a milking achievement. Give whips and flails a slight hitroll bonus against dodge. Knapping is now only two practices. Add a 'beak' damage type. Improvements to nourish, invigorate, and thistles. Leathercrafted items no longer bind to the crafter. Prevent 'drop all' and 'put all' from storing dedicated light sources unless '-force' is used. This should help reduce issues from new players accidentally putting their light sources in containers while in the dark. ---- Jan 29, 17 [2280] Change parse order of valor and value commands. Updates to the email read and delete commands. ---- Jan 28, 17 [2278] Fix 'profile -ach' so it displays the right achievement data. 'Show cost' no longer displays class name if there's a tie. Various minor string cleanups. Rework the 'email list' command. Adjust boat gold and credit prices to line them up a bit more. The price of boats and boat repairs has been raised (by a lot), and the cost of credit buy boat repairs has been cut in half. This gets the repair costs closer to the credit maintenance costs, but it's still cheaper to use gold than credits. From Shadowfax: Add unguent brews to brewmaster eqcheck advice. When restarting a character, the best unguent composition of that character is set to null and any god conversion process is halted. Add 'lightcatcher' list switch. For example, 'l in pocket +lightcatcher 50' will show all lightcatchers filled 50% or more. Increase damage of unguent-only spells. Disallow the casting of 'continual light' on uncontrolled mobs. Allow 'shadow strike' to be used while tanking. ---- Jan 22, 17 [2276] Add a moderation warning and rules to channel disclaimers. Various updates to try to reduce the chance of server lag. Add version tag support to the 'version' command, for client use. Invisibility and mass invisibility are now obscure, since pretty much all mobs can see through it anyway. ---- Jan 21, 17 [2274] Prevent area autoleveling of charmed/controlled mobs. ---- Jan 16, 17 [2272] Update/improve double exp modes. Miscellaneous internal code cleanup. Enable custom new player area for warrior characters. ---- Jan 15, 17 [2269] Clan channels are no longer moderated by default. Add a couple more graphs to make tracking annoying lag easier. ---- Jan 08, 17 [2265] Improve flag display on channel list. Blood bottles made with your own blood now time out. Get rid of unflag_eligible on some items where it doesn't make sense. Add some experimental exp code for next weekend's event. All publicly available channels are now avatar moderated. If you want to be able to turn off moderation on a channel you own, you'll have to set a password first. From Draak: More dclient sound updates. Add a 'locker' command as an alias for 'storage'. Knapping and milking improvements. Make necromancer bone tool properly obscure. From Shadowfax: Increase power and durability of aspects. Make aspects follow you and fight when they're supposed to. Increase rate that favor will rise when sacrificing objects. Improved 'achievements' command. ---- Jan 05, 17 [2263] Fix crash bug in 'favor' command. Newbies now start with zero gold. From Shadowfax: Allow casting of 'angel ravage', 'devil ill', and 'undead scourge'. Show level of incomplete unguent on identify. ---- Jan 03, 17 [2261] Fix bugs in fortitude and vigor. From Shadowfax: Make 'consecrate armor' show up on 'skills' command. Eliminate the need for recasting 'vigor' and 'fortitude' to get full strength. They can still be recast at will, and higher level castings can yield better results. ---- Jan 02, 17 [2258] Push devil ill, angel ravage, and undead scourge to the bottom of the spellcasting parse list. Fix clan storage limit bugs. Changes to liquid timers when filling liquid containers. This is a scary chunk of code, so keep an eye out for bugs. Unguents are now limited to three pounds per brew. Fix money market price graphs. Cleanup and fixes to the 'graph' commands. Winners of mob pk arenas should now see quest completions. From Shadowfax: Allow 'second wind' and 'blood rage' to be used without interference from a 'remorse' curse. Send strings of unguent-only spells to proper target. When finishing a mixed unguent with a spell, the unguent's level must meet the spell's minimum casting level. Increase effects of 'vigor', 'fortitude' and 'enhancement' spells. Increase power of 'consecrate armor'. Make maximum favor dependent on current charisma. Gag spam when counting down favor while you're with a cleric companion. Petition cooldown only accrues when a petition is successful. Fix 'petition angel healing' typos. ---- Dec 31, 16 [2256] Function key aliases will now be reset when you restart your character. The last cleric charisma grandfathering has been removed. Add 'clanset storagelimit' command for clan founders and above. From Shadowfax: Change color of eldertell to reduce confusion with regular clantell. Improve spirit hammers to allow for magic and breath damage. Spirit hammers now inherit the preferred element of the caster's god unless otherwise specified. Chances for a nonorm damage spirit hammer now increase with greater knowledge of the spell. Add 'vigor', 'fortitude' and 'expiation' spells to 'Divine Aid' spellgroup. Add 'Divine Conjuration' spellgroup, which starts with 'continual light'. Add 'radiant orbs', 'miraculous vestment' and 'mystic projectile' spells to this new group. Change 'enchant armor' spell into the 'consecrate armor' skill. This new skill has a much lower mana cost but enchants time out faster. Add 'condemnation', 'fatigue', 'exhaustion', 'clasp of corruption', and 'death and decay' spells to the 'Divine Might' spellgroup. Add 'Divine Agent' skill group, which includes the new petition skills 'petition incarnate', 'celestial audience', and 'petition aspect'. Give 'hold undead' an area effect option. Add 'remorse' alignment-based cleric curse. Change 'blindness' into a proper curse that can be affected by 'remove curse'. Add 'Brew Unguent' spellgroup, starting with the 'brew unguent' skill. Add unguent-only spells: 'devil ill', 'angel ravage', and 'undead scourge'. New druid skill 'leech life'! Steal the life force from others and use it for yourself! New necromancer spell 'bloodbond'! Use your blood or bottled blood to heal others! ---- Dec 26, 16 [2254] Change profile command to use all levels instead of total levels. Banned players no longer show profile information. Recalculate the grandfathered equipment level, allowing grandfathering up to total level 129. This should allow the few pieces of level 129 equipment to be used by those on the edge. From Draak: String fixes and cleanup to milking and knapping. Add obscure level 6 necromancer spell 'bone tool'. ---- Dec 24, 16 [2253] Fix up some 'equipment total level' strings. Try to improve the 'your char is unbalanced' detector. Your character's 'equipment total level' is now based on all six classes, instead of just the top 4. The value is adjusted down to meet the old equipment level range. Existing characters are currently grandfathered to their old values, up to +10. From Draak: Add a 'hands' command. Minor improvements to butchering and knapping. Add milking, to get milk as an ingredient in cooking. ---- Dec 23, 16 [2250] Fix high level exp and area display problems caused by the exp cap changes. From Draak: Various minor dclient sound updates. Clean up help text for leatherworking. ---- Dec 22, 16 [2249] Print 'all levels' total on show level. Change the exp cap code. It's now dependent on the levels in all six classes, instead of just top4, and no longer has a maximum limit of 250k. The caps are lower in the mid-level range, but higher at upper levels. The upper level caps are conservatively low for now until we see the overall impact of the change.

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