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---- Jan 22, 18 [2446] From Shadowfax: Add 'insult -ground' option for seeing the insults of everything in the room with you. Add ability to build cartridges for firearms. Fix bug in camouflage enchant shadow cost. (Rhorae) Permanent consecrations cost 20 times more mana and favor than temporary ones. (Wyrm) The 'show room' command now shows if a room is big or small. Allow consecration of armor with glow or light flag attached to better synergize with 'illumination'. However, you can no longer consecrate armor with a float or hum flag. (Serkanal) 'Dispel magic' will now reduce the level of any spell that it fails to dispel outright by a few levels, making it easier to dispel later. You can now dispel objects with spells like 'fly' and 'darken' cast on them. You can also use 'remove curse' on objects affected by temporary curses like 'faerie fire'. 'Mana shield' will now protect against 'dispel magic', reducing its power or completely negating it if you have enough mana available. ---- Jan 21, 18 [2445] From Draak and Dentin: Weapon speed/attack speed now factors into the amount of movement used by many warrior and thief skills - faster speed equals less movement used. From Draak: You can longer skin plural mobs. Add 'eqcheck tank' option. Add larimar ore type. Speed up milking refresh time. Various wood gathering cleanup. Mend bones now uses 3 regular teeth instead of 1 dragon tooth. Updates to mycomancy so it makes more sense when cast via potion or staff. Minor changes to poses. New bonecrafted item: ring. New woodcrafted/bonecrafted item: bead bracelet. New heraldry names. Fixed a bug in metal inlaying. (Warsaw) Minor improvements to the leg/feet checks for mobs. Customize weapon is no longer an enchant. It is dependent on double attack and forge simple weapon. Enchant weapon speed is now balance weapon, a warrior skill. Enchant weapon accuracy is now hone weapon, a warrior skill. Enchant camouflage now has other resource requirements than gold. Changes to how inlaid metals are determined. You can now inlay with mithril and its alloys, nickel silver and a few others. Set lower limit to forged weapon speed and a few other tweaks. ---- Jan 20, 18 [2443] Max player level has been raised from level 37 to level 38! We'll be adding skills and adjusting skill levels over time as we get a better feel for how this affects the classes. ---- Jan 19, 18 [2441] Fix probable crash bug in disarm skill. ---- Jan 17, 18 [2440] Cleanups to the mob exp system: we're gradually switching out the last of the 'top4' code which was used for most mob experience calculations. From Shadowfax: You can no longer split mineable items that are affected by spells. Pantheon gods now have alignment preferences. The rate that favor is gained automatically is increased if you remain within your god's preferred alignment(s). If you do not, you will have to work harder to gain favor and can be excommunicated if your favor gets too low. ---- Jan 15, 18 [2438] Adjust various enchanting costs based on last years gold/usage data. Give high level players a low percent chance of being rescued from death. Convert a bunch of minor stuff from top4/equipment level to all levels. This is prep work to make getting rid of equipment level easier. This affects a lot of different places, some of which were difficult to untangle from other parts of the codebase. If you notice significant weirdness or breakage, please let us know. ---- Jan 14, 18 [2437] The autodenter for relic equipment now has a tighter limit, and starts taking effect at approximately double the 'epic' level instead of 3x. It can also autodent AC on things instead of just effects or charges. Fix some really old telnet bugs. From Draak: More minor newbie look string improvements. ---- Jan 13, 18 [2435] From Shadowfax: 'Defoliate' prevents players from casting 'thistles' without seeds. Defoliate prevents all casting of 'entangling roots', 'poison ivy', and 'vampiric vines'. 'Fecundity' can be cast on plant creatures to heal them. From Draak: Improve some bottling strings. Remove resource indications off the 'gather' command. You can get the same information with 'gather check' now. Super low level newbie help text fixes. Add new lapidary stones. Shield slam can longer show up in the same combo as ground strike. (Lokar) Fixed bug in woodcrafted ammo damroll. (Nermthegerm) Obscure cleric enchant 'bind alignment' lowered from level 36 to level 28, to make it more accessible to non-primary clerics. You can no longer improve movement skills in clan areas. Thanks for the tip, Runner. The 'camouflage object' enchant is now a shadow skill. ---- Jan 10, 18 [2433] Reduce failure odds for taunt, intimidate, and roar. Greatly increase success rate of enrage. ---- Jan 06, 18 [2430] Internal reworks to second wind: switch from tick based cooldown to continuous, and adjust timers. Both cooldown time and amount of movement recovered are dependent on constitution. Unlevel timer is now six hours instead of 20. From Draak: Playstyles for 'shadowmancer', 'elementalist', 'mystic' and 'warlock' added to the check command, 'enchanter' changed to 'artificer'. Help page updates and typo fixes. Fixed sneaking bug in character reset. (Uicli) Command 'forge list metal' will now show the difficulty. Command 'forge list <weapon name>' will give a rough indication of speed. This is not definitive - finished weapons take the metal and handle speeds into account. Tweaks to dierolls for forged weapons. Tweaks to metal speed bonuses. Fixed bug in sunder/autowield that attempted to wield a shield. Gathered boughs of wood will now generally be longer than before. New woods: kauri, satinwood, sourwood, sweetgum, wenge and silverleaf Scent of death now has lag, but will improve upon use. Lifetap should improve somewhat faster now. (Lokar) Fixed the modestly hilarious "improved a movement skill by sniffing out dead bodies" bug in scent of death. ---- Jan 04, 18 [2429] Tweaks to lower level mobs to make their damage output more consistent and in general do a bit less damage. ---- Dec 31, 17 [2428] Fixups and improvement to avatar channel and moderator commands. Strengthen admin-set forced ignore. Remove the fractional hp/mana gain when microleveling so that players no longer gain negative hp/mana on the final microlevel. Give second wind stronger con scaling, and make the cooldown strictly constitution based. Give cry of victory stronger con scaling, and lower the requirements for invoking it. From Draak: Spell casting failures caused by being dazed or stunned now send a different message than equipment failures. (Breloom) Legendary and artificer enchant should now work with crafted items (Rhorae). Reworks for skinning and leathercrafting: Weight requirements removed from leathercrafting. Only the size of the hide or sheet of scales matters now. Certain furry creatures will yield pelts instead of skin or hide when skinned. If you are highly skilled at skinning, you are more likely to completely skin a creature instead of ending up with many small pieces of hide. If you are highly skilled at leathercrafted and are using skins much larger than the object you are crafting, you may end up with scraps big enough to craft with... You can now combine together skins from the same type of creature using the 'leathercraft bundle' command. New level 11 crafting skill 'furrier'. This skill allows you line crafted armor and clothing with fur from pelts. New pelt-only leathercraft items: stoles, muffs and coats Leathercrafted slings are now one-handed ranged weapons. ---- Dec 30, 17 [2427] Add a account-based channel moderator flags. Old per-player moderator flags transfer automatically to the account. All characters in a mod account can moderate, and if any character in a mod account uses a channel, the whole account can't moderate the channel for a while. Moderation actions still only hit single targets. Moderators can no longer see each other on the who list or via the moderator commands, and moderator actions should now be mostly anonymous to other moderators and avatars. Tweak down minion hitpoints at lower levels. This should be close to no change for high level minions. From Shadowfax: Make pets follow players like minions do. Have all instances belonging to your account displayed on 'instances show' command. (Druidia) Weather command now checks for nearby precipitation when you're inside. Snow and rain accumulation is now tracked. It can take up to one game hour to start accumulating. Accumulation is shown automatically if you have brief off, and it will be displayed when the weather command is used. For now, this is purely for cosmetic purposes. (Samon) Add chance of falling meteorites whenever a meteor shower occurs. These are deposits of sky iron. From Draak: Glance command, for seeing the ground string of a targeted object or mob in the room. Almost as useful as smell and taste! Some skill lag is now more strongly affected by attack speed. Minor fixes and changes to forged weapons. Increased stamina can now gradually improve without combat points by using warrior attack skills. Mortally wounded opponents should be easier to disarm. Being disamred or tripped is now slightly demoralizing. Having your weapon or shield sundered is now highly demoralizing: that was your father's sword and now it's gone :'( Morale should now linger a bit longer, but not too much. New woodcrafted weapon: staff sling - made by adding a leathercrafted sling to a woodcrafted pole. ---- Dec 18, 17 [2425] From Draak: Dirt throwing causes a little bit of morale damage (the "annoy" aspect mentioned in the help page). New forged weapon 'main-gauche' (parrying dagger). New forged weapon part 'cup guard'. Scales from some rare types of dragon may have special effects, <3 Lokar. Cleanup and bugfixes to crafting code changes. Let Draak know if anything else is not working the way it should. Forge list armor and forge list parts will display "min. weight" instead of just "weight" because weapons and armor can weigh up to 50% more if larger ingots are used. Weapon hilts will add parry dependent on the AC bonus of their metal. No other stats from hilts will be added to finished weapons. If you want more parry on your blade, use a higher AC metal such as adamantium. If you do not want to add parry to your weapon, use a softer metal such as copper or brass. ---- Dec 14, 17 [2424] Remove the 'legend' command. Mob exp/mob hitpoint tweaks. From Draak: Vampire minions now receive extra healing from blood sacrifice and bloodbond. You can no longer add gems to lapidary rings made from the same material. Typo that prevented lapidary tumblers from being made fixed, sorry about that, Tyrinia. Doors now have a composition. This doesn't change much except for those using msp/dclient sounds (for now). Crafting skills should improve more often as you use them. New woodcrafted item - 'fishing pole'. Tweaks to the 'check' command's output to make it more uniform. Playstyle for 'barbarian' added to check command. Forged weapons should now be rune-enchantable. "Blank" druidic fetishes should now manifest the traits of whatever kind of wood they are carved from. Spelunking, moutaineering, forest navigation, swimming and mudwalker should now (slowly) improve without investing combat points. Changes to crafting crossbows - with woodcraft and bowcrafting you can construct a crossbow stock. You must manually 'woodcraft add' forged crossbow hardware in order to finish a crossbow, instead of having it in your inventory when the cross bow is crafted. You can now make jewelry such as beads and rings from common stones like granite, diorite, talc, basalt, limestone and sandstone if you have the gemcutting skill. They still cannot be crafted into gemstones. ---- Dec 09, 17 [2423] Reduce minion hp/mana/move at low levels to improve low level class balance. Add a 'crafted' tag to the 'eq' command. Spammer ignore now resets to enabled on login. Taunt/intimidate/roar/enrage are now easier on drunk targets. Fix some bugs in enrage. Peace should now stop mob assist. From Draak: Attempts to daze and stun are now a bit more aggressive. Add ranger and illusionist to the 'check' command. Added a little bit of stun to a few spells. Necromancer vampire's lifestealing attack is now more potent when used against living creatures. New gathered wood type "beefwood" (yes this is real, look it up.) New gemstone "euclase" added to the mining and lapidary tables. Color added to the various crafting "list" commands. Lapidary gemstones can now be modified with heraldry, to make items such as 'a sparkling ruby griffin' or 'a green lace agate hexagram'. These can be added to crafted necklaces, rings and head pieces. Heraldry can no longer be added directly to necklaces or bracelets. Improvements to heraldry list commands. Added a "smell" command, to smell objects and rooms. Like taste, this is a long-term project and it will take a while before everything smells like it should. From Morpheus: Winterberries added as a seasonal forage item. ---- Dec 06, 17 [2422] From Draak: Thief skill 'peek' is now obscure. You can now add studs and spikes to leathercrafted whips. You can now add gem pendants to leathercrafted collars, in case you can't find what you're looking for at Hot Topic. New lapidary gemstone item - teardrop. Tweaks to lapidary check output. Changes to jewelry and inlaying - you can set gemstones into inlaid jewelry, but you cannot inlay metal onto jewelry with a gemstone set into it. Inlaid metal jewelry inventory strings are now more compact. Improvements to heraldry parsing, and several new heraldic symbols added. Clean-up and improvement to metallurgy listing commands. ---- Dec 01, 17 [2421] Make the thief skill 'contortionism' dependent on dodge. New metal 'nickel', new mineable nickel ores and new nickel alloys, white copper and nickel silver. Adjusted a few alloy recipes and metal stats. Add a 'forge divide' command for metallurgy, for splitting metal ingots. Add a 'woodcraft halve' command to saw branches in half. Unlike quartering, this reduces both the length as well as the weight of the resulting boards. Crafted grips and lapidary orbs can now be added to woodcrafted canes, to make some pimp-quality gear. Add sunstone and starstone gem types. Crafted weapons and canes now have somewhat nicer long descriptions. Expect more refinements in the future. Significant boost in crafting skills exp. They will still dent quickly. Fixed a couple of typos in forging send_to_room strings, thanks to Shryth and Mertag. Cost of forging weapons and armor lowered about 30% to account for smelting, alloying, combining and other manufacturing costs. When peace wears off, the target will now be dazed for a short time. Add new level 16 crafting skill 'forge blade'. Add new level 31 crafting skill 'forge kozane'. Add new level 33 crafting skill 'forge nihonto'. ---- Nov 25, 17 [2419] Add a 'spam filter' flag to channels to turn on/off the the banana and screen reader noise filters. Make liveoak and solar flare use more sunlight from suncatchers. Make skill/spell perfect be 100%, instead of 99%. Various mob exp tweaks based on Rhorae's detailed bug report. The damage function for dragonbreath has been dramatically changed. At low and mid levels, it should be slightly less damage and easier for unprepared players to handle. At higher levels, it now scales much more strongly, so that a level 60 mob will now do about three times as much damage, and a level 90 mob closer to 25x as much. From Draak: Cleanup to make the check command a little more user-friendly. Expect more refiniment as time goes by. Deposits of mined gemstones are now smaller than those of ore, stone and other materials. This should make it easier to find stones small enough to carve into gems. New lapidary item : grip New forged item : grip Added a "think" command, so you can think things to yourself. Add a few more heraldry symbols. More fish, and improvements to fish types and descriptions. Allow better at iron claw. You can now inlay metal on woodcrafted weapons. You can no longer cast entangling roots on yourself to prevent getting trapped by an unreleasable minion. You should now be able to make metal constructs from any type of metal, excluding mercury. I apologize for the oversight. Cleaned up a few minor incosistencies with inlaying. New level 13 crafting skill 'forge simple weapon'. Taste/smell improvements. Certain non-gemstones now have colors, even if they are bit more drab than gems. ---- Nov 23, 17 [2418] The deadline for level converting has been set at Jan 01, 2018. Players that need to level convert can no longer train practices. Leveling is now capped at quad 37, 32, 27. This is currently max level. Raise fame per level from 21 to 22. This affects very few people. Disable the microlevel timer for all levels. Add 'level listtime' to dump projected leveling times at various points up to max level.

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