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---- Aug 07, 18 [2549] Infrastructure changes in the filesystem loaders. ---- Aug 05, 18 [2548] From Shadowfax: Allow the pouring of liquid into a partially filled liquid container if that container has no spells attached. (Gog) ---- Aug 04, 18 [2545] From Draak: Tweaks to pelts and various other crafting strings. Fixed strings for casting healing spells on self. Remove poison and cure poison strings should be more realistic when received from potions. Allow ingot splitting down to one pound. Fixed backwards logic typo when making dragonscale grips. (Colonel) Flourish now works unarmed, if you know unarmed combat. (Lokar) Gods now have holy symbols, which worshippers can add to items using the heraldry skill. Please be patient while we add holy symbols to all the god entries. From Shadowfax: Allow the filling of a liquid container that is on the ground if the source is in one's inventory. Water from mires is now impure like that from swamps or marshes. ---- Jul 29, 18 [2544] From Draak: Crafting insult strings should now strongly avoid articles and duplicate words. Send Draak a mudmail if you find a problem. Fixed oddball bug with patchwork leather and hatmaking. (Lexie) Metallurgy split/combine bug with carbon-comp objects patched (Wily). More heraldry options. Bolster, heal and major heal should now no longer be castable on yourself if you are near full health, though bolster can still be cast at full health if your morale is low. ---- Jul 28, 18 [2542] From Shadowfax: Preserve auction channel color when an item with color tags is auctioned. From Draak: Fixed a few typos with essence enchant and clan heraldry. Added strings for dirt throwing and enrage to the spam filters. Soothe wounds can no longer be cast on yourself if you do not need healing. The other healing spells will be reconfigured to match it in the future. Bloodbond should no longer use mana on failures. Mining should no longer produce minerals that autobind. You can look at the sun now, if you really, really want to. Added a 'news' command, which will give information about things happening in the game. For now this includes the last reboot, daily fishing records, events and recent meteor sightings. ---- Jul 22, 18 [2538] The first 20 members in a clan no longer cost dues. Cost to create a new clan is now only 100k gold. New clans are now created with the clan tithing flag set. Clan tithing should now only be effective on proper gold sources, instead of on all gold changes. Show autotithe status on clan list. Fix kxwt disable bug in new spell status code. Credit buy chartransfer now deletes the previous owner's email. ---- Jul 21, 18 [2535] Cut the money market buy/sell spread in half. Show more/lower level quests on the friends channel. From Draak: Fix bug allowing group rejoin into private storage lockers. Add 'battlemage'and 'deathknight' playstyles to advice/eqcheck. Clan elders can now set a heraldic crest for their clan. See 'clanset crest help' for options. If your clan has a slogan or motto set, you can invoke it with the 'slogan' and 'motto' commands. You can look at the either of the moons, if they are visible. You cannot, however, look at the sun. (Lexie) The name of the creator is now added to the insult string of many crafted objects. Split meat retains its former level. (Peroroncino) Cleanup display of metallurgy alloy list. Fixed bug in metallurgy that skipped cost estimates with metallurgy split. (Lilmike) Added keyword 'smelted' to forged ingots. If you know gemcutting, lapidary check will tell you if a stone has a chance to be a cat's eye or star gemstone. Stone knapping will now accept stones down to 1 inch in size. If you know heraldry, you can add your clan's crest to shields and jewlery. If you are afflicted with the nausea poison, you cannot eat. On the bright side, mobs afflicted with the nausea poison cannot eat corpses. Polar bears and black bears now have lesser bear rage. New heraldic images added. Slow down rate of profession point acquisition. Add profession point achievements. Cooked recipes can invoke minor bonuses when well-seasoned with certain flavors. For example, sweet-flavored food can raise lowered morale, while spicy foods can help ward off the dazed and stunned conditions. ---- Jul 14, 18 [2534] From Shadowfax: Fix bug that had angel and supernal minions check against their owner instead of their attacker when deciding to assist. ---- Jul 11, 18 [2533] Add exp limiters to consume corpse. ---- Jul 08, 18 [2530] Profession points have been reset, and we've changed the algorithm for receiving them. Rates of profession point acquisition are now heavily influenced by skill exp. If you are getting low exp for a skill, the odds of getting profession points are reduced. Raise the autodent limit for exceptionally powerful soulbound necromancer bone shields and armor on login. Spellcast targeting failure is now a lot more verbose, and prints out the spell name and target string. This should help players figure out more easily why they're getting a confusing message when trying to do something like 'cast create food'. From Draak: Add profession points to brag/show. Alias 'grow mushroom' to 'create food'. Try to fix parser bug with practice and some spell names. ---- Jul 07, 18 [2528] Don't send low level quest completions to friends lists, since they're super spammy. From Shadowfax: Trying to install a trap that requires an item no longer produces weird strings or crashes the game. (Victarion) When installing traps, you can target either the exit name or the door name. (Lilmike) From Draak: Infrastructure support for skills to be considered 'professions'. You can acquire profession points by gathering resources and crafting. Add per-plane sky strings. You can use enchant essence on unfinished totems and fetishes. Slist at trainers will accept 'combat' and 'profession' arguments. The 'spell' and 'skill' commands now have a type 'type' argument, for sorting skills and spells you know by categories. See 'spell type' or 'skill type' for a list of types. It should be noted that type, for example fireball is a damage spell, a fire spell and a combat spell. ---- Jul 04, 18 [2526] From Draak: Vampires cannot be shadow bound, due to the peculiar effects of the shadow magic that sustains them. If you know shadow bind, you will see if an opponent can be shadow bound with the consider command. New area listings will label extraplanar areas as such instead of giving coordinates (which, while accurate, are for that plane). The vulnerability effects of spectral claw and static blast are now slightly stronger. Mesmerize and control animal now have a charisma component, to match calm animal and spook animal. Call animal still does not depend on charisma, but knowing animal magnetism will give it a slightly higher chance of success. From Shadowfax: Traps now re-enabled. Make 'remove trap' actually remove traps from doors and objects. Removing traps should yield salvage now, even when your trap skill if less than 100%. If you spring a trap while trying to disarm it, it will remain sprung. Reduce chances of failing to disarm a trap due to low intelligence. You should still wear int gear to improve your chances when you can. Reduce chances of triggering a trap when trying to disarm it. ---- Jul 03, 18 [2525] Traps have been temporarily disabled while we fix some bugs. ---- Jul 01, 18 [2524] Add 'kxwt_spst' so we can get rid of the stupid aff trigger. Add a couple more kxwt group tags. Make resurrect not take mana in most cases where it would fail. ---- Jun 24, 18 [2523] From Shadowfax: Allow trap commands to target door names in addition to exit names. Reset action to none if you start picking a lock and spring a trap. ---- Jun 23, 18 [2521] Fix up the split/merge size issues. From Shadowfax: If a player tries to install a trap on top of another trap that was installed by a player, it will trigger but not harm anyone. From Draak: Even more 'spam extreme' additions. Adjusted logic of flourish morale damage to make it more effective. Adjusted crafting checks so that skinned shells can be made into proper grips for weapons. The elemental vulnerabilities bestowed by some advanced poisons are now a bit stronger. Metallurgy split and combine respect a rough system of density, so an ingot of copper will be larger than an equivalent weight of platinum due to copper's lesser density. You can now list individual metals and their properties with 'metallurgy list metal <metal name>'. ---- Jun 18, 18 [2519] Fix bug in valor - it should now work properly. Rearrange the commands for exp marking to make them easier to use. From Draak: Fixed glitch in dragonscale armor that created items with 0 or 1 ac apply. Added more strings to the spam extreme filter, including other characters giving and dropping objects. ---- Jun 16, 18 [2517] The 'show con' command now displays constitution. Try to fix a few more negative exp bugs in the combat code. Add 'exp mark' and 'exp rate' commands. Raise damage of skirmish. Make crippling attack less repeatable. Try to make nomelee mode more resistant to incidental attacks. From Draak: Added a heap of room send strings for everything from valor to corpse/object timeout to drinking potions to spam extreme. Consider no longer shows very low resistances. No more 7 lines of extra spam for figuring out a beastly fido is not resistant or vulnerable to anything. New leathercraft items: sheath, scabbard New dragonscale item: grip (for making weapons) Fixed bug with harvest bone that yielded bones with 0 size. (Mertag) ---- Jun 15, 18 [2516] Adjust damage on new thief skills, now that we know a bit more about their general usage patterns. ---- Jun 12, 18 [2514] From Shadowfax: Raise ranged weapons' ability to overcome a target's AC. Make sure exit has a guarded flag when checking to see if a guard should prevent player access to doors. Raise damage of skirmish and fix logic error that now allows it to be used against sleeping targets while unhidden and out of combat as the help page implies. Also added a little play in the skirmish event rescheduler.

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