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---- Jun 10, 17 [2350] Fix some bugs in leathercrafting stat calculations. The necromancer spell 'soulshatter' is now obscure. Tweak backstab to raise chance of freaks. From Draak: Tweaks to stun code. Add a 'check' option to stone knapping. Fix bugs in shovels. Add leathercrafting of sporrans. Mining updates to add a lot of new stone types. Improvements to flourish. Bone tool can now make shovels. ---- Jun 07, 17 [2348] From Shadowfax: Add special moonlit lighting level for full moon nights, which grants infravision-level lighting. ---- May 31, 17 [2344] Fix a couple of crash bugs. ---- May 27, 17 [2342] Fix crash bug in knapping. ---- May 27, 17 [2340] Add some daily temperature graphs for debugging weather. Attempt to fix recursive destruct bugs in grenades. Add some soft matching to help page searches. Only require a white soulstone for disenchant. Lower cost of all enchants slightly. The random object generator now pays slightly more attention to class flags. Allow reforging of weapons. Note that this doesn't change dierolls and will probably eat all the hit/dam on it. Allow reforge and random weapons with +2 cast level or skill level. Various fixes from Draak: Minor plane updates. Add a hidden carving achievement. Gathering fixes and updates. Knapping fixes and updates. Make inflict spells easier to use. Mining fixes and updates. Add new crafting adjectives and strings. Add super bonuses for various crafting skills. Woodcrafting fixes and updates. ---- May 25, 17 [2338] Attempt to fix bugs in mining actions. ---- May 23, 17 [2336] From Draak: Fix up sector names. Lots of minor typo and string fixes. Updates to leathercrafting, woodcrafting, the new cleric update, and more. Add ability to gather honey. From Shadowfax: Add more hidden achievements. Allow gathering of stone bullets for slings. Add an 'autoreload' command for future ranged weapons. Only display ground strike qualifying message on heavy dtype weapons upon being identified if they are two wield. (Lexie) Make ordinary fish not have legs. Add 'mining' skill. ---- May 15, 17 [2335] From Draak: There's been a major update to cleric heal and harm spells and skills. This includes cleanup to the skill trees, reorganization and moving useless things to make newbie clerics more effective, and a bunch of new effects and mechanisms. Note that the heal and harm trees have had several renames! You'll still be able to cast the new spells with the old keywords, so it shouldn't break too many aliases. The level 6 cleric spell 'detect poison' has been raised to level 12. The level 12 cleric spell 'remove poison' has been lowered to level 6. The level 11 cleric spell 'detect undead' has been raised to level 20. The level 28 cleric spell 'sacred touch' has been lowered to level 11. Flamestrike now has extra damage and effects when used on cursed targets. Add new level 1 cleric curse, 'afflict'. This curse in general weakens the target, but its main use is to amplify the damage of inflict. The spell 'cause light wounds' has been renamed 'inflict wounds'. The spell 'cause serious wounds' has been renamed 'chasten'. The spell 'cause critical wounds' has been renamed 'inflict suffering'. The inflict spells cause as much damage as before, but are they're now close range and cannot be cast if you are nomelee. There are also other effects: The 'inflict wounds' spell causes extra damage to small or mortally wounded targets. The 'chasten' spell lowers the morale of targets. This effect is increased if the cleric is wielding a blunt weapon. The 'inflict suffering' spell causes ongoing damage. If the target is wielding a flexible weapon such as a whip or flail, the spell has chance to instantly daze or stun the target. If the caster is wielding a weapon, the 'harm' spell will use the basic damage type of that weapon in addition to its own damage type. The spell 'cure light wounds' has been renamed 'soothe wounds'. The spell 'cure serious wounds' has been renamed 'bolster'. The spell 'cure critical wounds' has been renamed 'heal'. The spell 'heal' has been renamed 'major heal'. The healing spells still heal the same amount, but also now have other minor side effects, and will show different messages based on creature type. See the help page for details. Newbie cleric intro zone is now open! ---- May 14, 17 [2333] Require 'noprompt' to be typed out to work. Add kxwt_audio tags if MSP mode is disabled. From Draak: Split areas up into more sectors - include the demon and angel realms. Improve corpse creation for dragons. Various minor updates to gathering and woodcrafting. A whole bunch of minor spell and skill updates. Split out warrior 'dragonlore' skills into their own tree. Add new level 23 warrior skill, 'shield slam'. We now have a mage illusions skill tree! Add new obscure mage spell, 'hue'. Add new obscure mage spell, 'magic hand'. Add new obscure mage spell, 'rorshach'. Add new obscure mage spell, 'silouhette'. Add new level 36 mage spell, 'kaleidoscope'. Add new level 26 mage skill, 'enchant deflection'. ---- May 06, 17 [2330] Level unconverted players can no longer bank exp, but they can now buy practices with exp. Now that practice cost is based on exp cap, this should allow them to do something without it being an unfair advantage. Fix some wierd web page link problems. Changes to pfile cleaner, which deletes old/unused players: - players up to 105 in all levels are now eligible to be deleted - the base time out is in months, where months = 6 + all_levels/2 - players in accounts get an extra six months This implies that a cheapest-leveled level 30 character with 104 total levels will be deleted after 6+6+104/2 = 64 months, or a little over five years. From Draak: Improvements to skin/meat/teeth resources on mob corpse creation. Improvements to wood gathering, with new wood types. Improvements to remise attacks. Add wooden tower shields to woodcrafting, and other woodcrafting updates. Improve dodge/parry/shield block audio. From Shadowfax: Remove requirement for a slicing weapon when splitting butchered meat. Begin giving credit for player-submitted suggestions in the changelog. (Boa) Make thistles able to be cast by uncontrolled mobs. (Myrel) ---- Apr 30, 17 [2328] Remove the completely useless hourly money market graph. Remove 'exp lost', since it was basically a custom version of leaderboard 9, only without time culling. Add minor 'exp bank' and 'exp unbank' commands. Add 'pang' command for clients to help the server track connection lag. Make double exp modes automatic. Fury of the heavens now gives fame like it's supposed to. Improve the one handed backstabber converter a bit - most over-weight stabbers will be adjusted down to usable levels. Prevent characters from dying due to old age negative regen as long as old age is their only source of negative regen. ---- Apr 26, 17 [2326] Move whisper below whirlwind in the parse order. Revert part of the previous exp changes that's been causing problems for builders. The exp caps are unchanged. ---- Apr 23, 17 [2324] From Draak: More DClient/MSSP sound updates. Various minor typo and string fixes. Improve easter eggs. Add 'leathercraft check' to help figure out how to use skins. Add 'woodcraft check' to help figure out how to use wood. Improve woodcraft parsing. Improvements to the warrior skill 'bash'. System infrastructure for mining and ore processing. ---- Apr 22, 17 [2321] Misc typo and string cleanup. Raise exp caps by about a third for high levels. The actual change to the curves is in the total level 0 to 50 range, but since the curves stack higher levels see the gain as well. Raise mob death exp to help compensate for the raised exp caps, including mid-level boosts to compensate for weirdness there. ---- Apr 13, 17 [2320] Minor code fixup for the Easter event. ---- Apr 09, 17 [2318] Lots of help page, faq, and rules updates and fixes. Fix crash bug in wood carving. From Shadowfax: Typo fixes in druid water spells. ---- Apr 08, 17 [2316] Dentin's birthday. Rearrange the various builder titles. From Draak: Minor improvements to knapping. New woodcraftable objects and woodcrafting upgrades. Fixes to spellstaffs. Add new level 22 druid skill, 'carve fetish'. More stun combat effect infrastructure. ---- Apr 02, 17 [2314] From Draak: More woodcrafting fixes. Fix bug in ground strike. ---- Apr 01, 17 [2312] Fix what appears to be a 20 year old bug in staff spellcasting. Get the 'hlast' (helplast) command working with 'help search'. Make help search accept indexes, eg 'help search 2.wand'. From Draak: More damage type updates. Massive updates to wood gathering. A bunch of updates to leathercrafting, fishing, skinning, and knapping. Add basic woodcrafting. Add debuffs to the thrust skill. ---- Mar 28, 17 [2309] From Draak: Beginning infrastructure for woodcrafting. Beginning infrastructure for stun and daze effects. Miscellaneous fixes to thrust skill. Improve weapon damage type effectiveness messages. Miscellaneous DClient/MSP sound updates. Change lightcatchers so they don't drain when they're not filling. You can just leave them out until they're full now.

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