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Warning - limiting search to 1000 results. ---- Feb 12, 15 [1975] Web login sessions now save across boots, and last for 180 days by default. Add additional help text for common spell/skill command typos. Add 'reinforce armor' enchanting skill at level 31 warrior. From Shadowfax: Disallow quit while deathly sleeping. ---- Feb 08, 15 [1972] Fix minor bugs in druid 'check' command. Various minor help page updates. Liveoaks now tank by default instead of assist. Sunblind and release sunlight should be more forgiving to nearby players. Make shadow blades a bit more powerful when thrown. Fix unarmed combat not adjusting when using warrior skill level. Increase area covered by control weather. It is now possible to empty potions. Doing so destroys them and does not leave behind an empty container. Tincture changes: Sundrinker and trollsblut are now more powerful. Venomstop, gills, hawkeye, and clearskin are now one practice each. Defoliate now makes short work of vampiric vines, poison ivy, and entangling roots. ---- Feb 02, 15 [1969] Add color to spell display for spells about to expire. Lower the practice requirements for spellstaff to allow it to be usable with only two practices spent. ---- Jan 26, 15 [1966] From Shadowfax: Allow lock picking even if you don't know the skill. Lower cost of eqsets to 250 credits each. Tweaks to group join/summon timers. Fix bad string in resurrect spell. Mud-sent clantell messages no longer show up if you have clantell off. Disallow fury of the heavens in pk arenas. Fury of the heavens damage at low starlight levels is now proportionally less than it would be at higher levels. Two starcatchers with 500 starlight each will do less damage than one with a fill level of 1000. ---- Jan 20, 15 [1963] Fix minor replay bug in avatar channel. Add more filtering to extreme spamflags. Disable 'cant kill minions' warnings when using area turn undead. Add convenience command 'event post' for sending to event channel. When carving lightcatchers, take the worse of petroglyph or the specific skill level for determining shatter/failure of the catcher. It was never intended to be easy to carve very high level lightcatchers. ---- Jan 13, 15 [1960] From Shadowfax: Allow minions to consume butchered meat and fish. Add a short delay when being underwater before starting to drown. String changes for curse ward. Display 'left behind' messages for retreat in the most common cases. String cleanup when using wands and scrolls on yourself. Add channel prefix to avatar channel. Reduce better at rates for store power. Various minor tweaks to bot detector. Clean up some bugs allowing combat with unkillable mobs. Add spam thwack to friend post. Tweak various druid minion stats based on how they're used. Notake spellbooks can now be memorized while on the ground, and will not be destroyed. This lets builders scribe spells on walls or anchor spellbooks to a location. Druid rune carving will now try a lot harder to put down an effect before giving up. If it doesn't succeed after a half dozen tries, it probably never will. Change channel casting exp: initial amount is lower, but it dents to a higher final value. ---- Jan 06, 15 [1956] Fix crash bug in 'farsee' spell. Poisons applied to weapons now last longer and are stronger. Held/used/worn commands are now hide safe. Costs to run player shops reduced. Slightly raise damage for weapon throw skill. Raise number of outstanding suncatchers from 6 to 9. Add level 24 necromancer spell, 'soulshatter'. ---- Jan 02, 15 [1955] Fix experience bug in druid 'carve totem'. ---- Dec 31, 14 [1953] More weather/overcast updates. Raise warrior 'taunt' skill from level 6 to level 9. Upgrade warrior 'flank attack' skill. Add exp to warrior 'rally' skill. Raise druid salve 'cover scent' from level 31 to level 32. Add level 27 cleric curse 'revocation'. Add level 24 cleric skill 'cursebreaker' for removing curses on items. Change stupid exp calculations for withdraw, berserk, and blood rage. The exp on these skills will probably have to be rebalanced in coming months as a result. ---- Dec 29, 14 [1951] Changes from Shadowfax: Updates and additions to check command - check cleric, thief, and druid. Fix parsing bug in 'drop all.item'. Raise cleric charisma limit requirement by one point. The next increment is scheduled for around Feb 01, 2015. ---- Dec 27, 14 [1950] Tweaks to hitpoints on a few necromancer minions. Dragonbreath defense now works with worn shields. Help page updated. Display if you're the current bid winner on the auction 'bid' command. Tweaks to weather to hopefully make it a little less overcast in general. Raise level of warrior skill 'unarmed combat' from level 12 to 13. Add new level 12 warrior skill, 'knockback'. Tinctures can now be brewed with only one herb, and no other ingredients. Salves can now be brewed with only two herbs, and no other ingredients. The 'withdraw' command now has a different action when tanking: if your groups contains multiple tanks, one tank may withdraw to hand off the attacker to other tanks in the group. It is not possible to perform a thief withdraw while using the warrior tanking skill. More fixes and tweaks to druid poison mushroom. The ripe mushrooms should be lower level now, but will pack more of a kick. ---- Dec 26, 14 [1948] Add appropriate lag to 'call squirrel'. Raise soulforge exp, and make it somewhat dependent on stone level. Various updates to poison mushroom. Don't display auction bidder names. This makes auctions anonymous again. Reduce mana drain for water weirds and shambling mounds. Raise hitpoints of a few druid minions - bears, moose, water weird. Call thunder can now knock down fighting characters when it hits. Riposte can trigger on shield block, and should be easier to land now. The druid 'spook' skill is no longer required for other skills in the animal skilltree, and has been marked obscure. This was an unexpectedly difficult skill to make useful, and this change reflects that. ---- Dec 25, 14 [1946] Allow 'thunder seeds' to use an acorn instead, if no seeds are available. Add level 10 druid skill, 'call squirrel'. Add level 13 druid spell, 'deadoak'. Add help page on item enchanting. The druid 'liveoak' spell is now dependent on deadoak, and is part of the druid 'plant lore' skill tree. ---- Dec 24, 14 [1944] Fix weight bug in new grenade component autosplit code. Don't idle time out players in mob arenas. Add client information to avatar 'whereis' command. Improve syntax and do other cleanup on the new 'carve weapon' skill. Raise hitpoints on druid called porcupines. Reduce delay when calling animals. Add swarms of bats and swarms of rats to the druid 'call animal' skill. ---- Dec 23, 14 [1943] Increase the number of allowed lines in long descriptions. Add new 'shield block' effect for items. Summon demon power now takes a lot less hp to use. Autosplit to one pound spell components when putting them in grenades. Make it a little easier to tell when druid totems are finished. Make it a little easier to tell when druid carving is at its limit. Add cast level to cleric holy weapons. Parry now only requires 4 practices to learn. Parry is now bypassed by spit and blast damage types. Add new warrior 'shield block' skill, and modify the way parry works. Parry's defensiveness was effectively split in half, with different weapon/shield combinations having different block and parry behaviour. See the help page for details. ---- Dec 22, 14 [1940] Display help page wis/chr requirements for skills, if applicable. Add cast level to cleric spirit hammers. Revert yesterday's permspell change due to unanticipated issues. Add a token amount of exp for soulforging. Add new level 6 druid skill, 'carve weapon'. ---- Dec 21, 14 [1937] Display login warning for accounts with broken email addresses. Add 'gather staff' to allow gathering of wood to make druid spellstaffs. Raise the number of charges that can be stored in spellstaffs. Improve the gold conversion rate for 'credit buy reforge'. Shut off farsee in closed areas. Limit noxious cloud charisma effect to -5 points. Add level 25 druid tincture, 'trollsblut'. Turn undead now has wisdom and charisma requirements. Raise duration on a few tinctures. Change the composite limits for rune carving to make them simpler to calculate. Probably an overall increase. Add new level 10 skill, 'firebrand', for carving (burning runes onto) leather and hides. Lower 'call waterborn' from level 32 to level 21 druid and make it dependent on animal lore instead of animal magnetism. Add a 'whereis' command for moderators and avatars to pull up information on new players. This is intended to make it easier to help new players. It is limited to players below level 20 that are on the newbie islands. Permspell items can now only override cast spells up to 2/3 the permspell level, instead of up to the same level. Add a few more warning strings when your charisma is near the aggression limit of a mob. Also taper down the rate as your charisma increases. ---- Dec 19, 14 [1934] Shut off 'intermud tells' warning on login. Change and lower gold costs for most of the 'enchant' skills. Lower necromancer 'soulbind' skill from level 35 to level 32. Add the 'lighteater' skill for necromancers. This is an 'enchant' ritual which can be used to remove light and glow flags from items. Add the 'silence' skill for necromancers. This is an 'enchant' ritual which can be used to remove hum flags from items. Add the 'disenchant' skill for necromancers. This is an 'enchant' ritual which can be used to remove magical effects from items. Instead of gold being left behind in corpses, the game now takes 20% of your gold when you die. There is a hard limit of 100k gold if you happen to be carrying a lot of it. Soulbind now only gives castlevel to bone armor if a purple or better soulstone is used. ---- Dec 18, 14 [1931] Lower the mandatory 'account verify' limit from level 25 to level 20. Don't allow donating of plane-bound items. Improve 'summon demon lockinfo'. Add new level 31 necromancer skill, 'demonic wardbreaker'. Found 19 matching entries.

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