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Changelog Entry [2483] for Mar 24, 18 From Draak: Fixed weird little bug with new dragonscale armor ac calcs and two-handed shields. Carve fetish should now improve upon use. (Smyth) Increase to chill touch's initial damage to make it more effective at low levels. Improvements to skin insult strings. New obscure skill 'kiltmaking'! Happy St. Patrick's Day! ...since noone cares about St. Andrew's Day :( Saving throws on dragonscale eq now have a slightly random range. Shields and tower shields are more stable. Scales from acidic or toxin-resistant dragons may yield poisonsave. Scales from crystal or gem dragons will give spellsave instead of breathsave. Lapidary split added. Lapidary stones can now be split into smaller pieces, but be careful: the harder the stone, the more difficult it is to split. Improvements to newbie hint code. This includes reminders for low-level characters to wear equipment they pick up, if they can use it and have the appropriate empty wear slot. 1 entries displayed.

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